True Blood Spoilers: Joe Manganiello Teases Alcide’s Violent Season 6 Arc
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Joe Manganiello Teases Alcide’s Violent Season 6 Arc

There’s no doubt about it — True Blood Season 6 is on its A-game. With twists, turns, and developments every bit as enthralling as Season 1, we’re hooked again, mostly due in part to new showrunner Brian “Bucky” Buckner, who took over from series creator Alan Ball.

We’re not the only one psyched to see the show we all know and love rise from the dead. Star Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) spoke to MTV about Season 6 and shifts for Alcide at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, and was quick to tip his cap to Brian about the positive changes. "He was brought in during Season 1 to take over the show for Season 2,” Joe revealed. “Alan was only going to be on for one season and leave, but he was having so much fun and the show did so well that he stuck around. So Bucky, as we call him, had to wait five seasons. It's in good hands. He knows what he's doing.”

While some fans have complained that Alcide’s storyline isn’t as exciting this season, and is a bit separated from the rest of the cast, Joe is excited for what’s ahead — and thinks we should be, too. Under Brian’s expert guidance, Joe is psyched that Alcide is finally getting his due and no longer tolerating nonsense — from man, woman, or wolf.

"I'm glad that he's not taking anybody's crap anymore, there's only so many times you can get punched, shoved, cheated on, just repeatedly,” Joe said of his poor, wronged wolf. “It gets so frustrating, and I know when that happens to me, the next day after the episode airs, I'm going to get a call from my dad. 'Why didn't you kill him? You could destroy him. You can kill everyone! Why are they letting this happen?' I just don't want those phone calls from my dad.”

It seems like those calls won’t be happening this season. “This year's great,” he added. “He's getting punched in the face and then he's just knocking people out, which is the way it should be. Don't punch an angry werewolf in the face. If it seems like a good idea at the time, take a nap." If that means taking a nap with Joe, we are definitely on board.

What do you think of Alcide’s new attitude and general storyline on True Blood? Sound off below!

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