Game of Thrones Spoilers: Joffrey Is the Ultimate Bridezilla in Season 4
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Game of Thrones Spoilers: Joffrey Is the Ultimate Bridezilla in Season 4

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Season 4 of Game of Thrones is going to feature the royal wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. We can expect an opulent ceremony, tons of characters as guests, over-the-top entertainment... and Joffrey being Joffrey!

According to Entertainment Weekly, one of the GoT showrunners describes Joffrey as being the “ultimate bridezilla”! Jack Gleeson, who portrays the bratty king, expands on that assessment, “Yeah, it’s all about him. It’s not about Margaery,” he reveals to EW. “I’m sure he’s thrown many hissy fits at different designers. He likes being seen and the glamor and pomp and ceremony.”

We’re both excited and fearful of the upcoming nuptials, given the history of matrimony on the show. There was the quiet service of Robb and Talisa, the barbaric union of Dany and Drogo, complete with Dothraki sex and murder, and then of course there was the wedding which shall not be named. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to see where the royal wedding ranks in the pantheon, but Joffrey being a bridezilla and stressing out over what flowers to use or whatever makes us think that this wedding might take the cake (he was probably freaking out about the cake, too)!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Catch the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere on April 6, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.