Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Inside Juan Pablo Galavis’ South Korea Group Date!
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Inside Juan Pablo Galavis’ South Korea Group Date!

Can you believe Juan Pablo Galavis is already three weeks into his Bachelor journey, and may already have a favorite lady in mind to be his future wife?! Neither can we, because that's completely nuts to even get our minds around. And while we've seen a few little L.A.-based moments so far, it doesn't get real until you take it off the court. The latest in the series? Oh, just a little stop in Korea that was captured on film by fans back in September 2013.

JPG and six of his ladies-in-waiting had a unique moment of inspiration, when they got to dance with Korean pop band 2NE1 at Seoul, South Korea’s Time Square Mall for Episode 4 of Season 18. Reality Steve first called our attention to two videos of the event, which featured the Bachelor of the moment and his girls serving as back up dancers of sorts for the show. It’s… rough to watch. Really rough.

While a couple of the girls look super into it, and the most neon-clad of the bunch — Elise Mosca— does her best to dance close to the red pants-wearing Juan Pablo as much as possible while showing off her skills, it mostly just feels really awkward. What’s the point of the date? We’re not exactly sure, but we are surprised to see that Juan Pablo isn’t the awesome dancer he would have us believe, considering how often he tweets about needing a salsa dance partner who can keep up with him…

This is the second video we’ve seen of Juan Pablo having a date that takes place at least partially on stage, with Kat Hurd's Salt Lake City date just the first of the bunch. That one went a lot better, if you ask us, though they both have a ton of witnesses who can't unsee the dancing.

Besides Elise, the other girls who got their groove on in Korea include Chelsie Webster, Nikki Ferrell, Cassandra Ferguson, Danielle Ronco, and Kat. And according to Reality Steve, Nikki continues her group date streak from Season 18 Episode 3 and gets the rose in the end. Was it her mad dancing skills? Her willingness to leave her ego behind and just go with the flow? Or perhaps we'll see some major sparks that set her apart from the rest of the girls.

On the other group date in South Korea, Juan Pablo takes Renee Oteri, Alli Restko, Andi Dorfman, Lauren Solomon, Clare Crawley, and Kelly Travis to ride paddleboats, get fish pedicures, and get another dose of the photo booth selfie lifestyle they embraced in the mansion.

Does this date look like fun? Want to know who goes home in the end? Check it out.

Source: Twitter, YouTube, Reality Steve

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