Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Katherine “Does Some of Her Bitchiest Stuff” As Elena
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Katherine “Does Some of Her Bitchiest Stuff” As Elena

Were you appalled when survivor Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) hitched a ride in Elena’s body rather than die at the end of last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? Well, there’s more bad behavior where that came from! What did executive producer Julie Plec have to tell E! Online about Katherine’s upcoming turn as Elena?

“Oh, [Katherine]'s going to be at her best of no good,” Julie previewed following last night’s epic 100th episode. This is certainly saying something, given that Katherine’s spectrum of “no good” is quite broad and even the lighter end includes some pretty devilish behavior. So how might Katherine-as-Elena manifest herself this time?

“The thing that's so great is that she's so into Stefan right now and so not into Damon right now, and yet Elena was about ready to re-embrace her relationship with Damon and Damon was all ready to win back his girl, so you can only imagine how that's going to go down,” Julie teased. “Katherine does some of the bitchiest stuff as Elena in the next part of the chapter. It's great. It's Katherine at her most diabolical.” It sounds like Katherine is going to be indulging in her favorite hobby: playing with the Salvatore brothers’ hearts. Time to party like it’s 1864!

We have to say, as great as it is to have Katherine not-dead, we were kind of ready to accept it after the quasi-love letter of a goodbye that was last night’s ep. We’re not sure how we feel about her reverting to her old ways after she’s made a smidgen of growth (which, for Katherine Pierce, is a lot) in Season 5. Watching Katherine be evil is so Season 1-4. That being said, the scene in which Katherine pretended to be Elena to sneak into Whitmore House has got to be one of our favorites of the season so far. If we can’t have character development, we might as well have laughs!

What do you think of the latest TVD twist? And what kinds of shenanigans is Katherine set to pull whilst occupying Elena’s body? Sound off in the comments below!

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