Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Liars Are “Stranded” in Season 4, Episode 15!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Liars Are “Stranded” in Season 4, Episode 15!

Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 15: “Love ShAck, Baby” are a dime a dozen these days as the Pretty Little Liars cast and crew works on the episode. What did PLL writer Lijah Barasz have to say about the winter season ep?

When asked to describe the episode in one word, Lijah tweeted “stranded.” We’re really intrigued/excited by this spoiler given that it looks like the Liars will be headed to the Hastings cabin in the woods in Episode 15. Is this where the Liars will be stranded? If so, awesome. The best stuff always comes out when people are confined to a small space in the wilderness together. Also, the killers  but that’s par for the course with the Liars!

Why are the Liars at the cabin at all? We think Ezria will be visiting the cozy cabin in the winter premiere, but we’re not sure how or if that is connected to an all-Liars visit in the subsequent episode. Could the Liars be taking a girls trip to comfort Hanna about Caleb’s departure? Could they be spending the time away for an “A” strategy session seemingly safe from the omniscient bully’s surveillance? Could they be meeting with an alive-again Ali somewhere away from Rosewood’s prying eyes? Whatever their reason, this “stranded in a cabin” thing is very Babysitters’ Club Super Special, and we’re totally on board.

Why and where do you think the Liars will be stranded? Or could Lijah be talking about someone else’s bad luck? Share your theories in the comments below!

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