Glee Music Spoilers! First Listen + Song List: Season 5, Episode 14 “New New York” (VIDEOS)
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Glee Music Spoilers! First Listen + Song List: Season 5, Episode 14 “New New York” (VIDEOS)

Now that we’ve left Lima in the dust, it’s time for Glee to focus on New York City full-time. Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and Artie (Kevin McHale) will be joining Rachel (Lea Michele), Santana (Naya Rivera), and Kurt (Chris Colfer) on the mean streets of the Big Apple and will be bringing the tunage and drama.

With this many former New Direction members in one city, you know there are going to be tons of choreographed dances and power ballads to be sung — and Season 5, Episode 14 (“New New York”) isn’t going to let us down.

Check out the full (and lengthy) synopsis below:

Having left Lima following graduation, Blaine, Sam, and Artie join Rachel and Kurt in New York. While Kurt and Blaine begin to settle into their newfound domestic bliss, Kurt grows increasingly frustrated by the omnipresence of couch-surfing Sam… but is Sam the sole cause of Kurt’s intensifying feelings of claustrophobia? Meanwhile, Sam has grown more and more discouraged by his lack of success since arriving in NYC. Blaine tries to boost his Lima bestie’s flagging spirits, inspiring Sam to re-attack his modeling career with a renewed sense of vigor. And Artie — who seems to have taken to the hustle and bustle of New York City like a fish to water — has his characteristic confidence shaken to the core when a mugger steals his laptop.

Back in New York following an out-of-town run of Funny Girl, Rachel is surprised by a luxurious ‘thank you’ gift from the show’s producers in the form of a private car and driver, at her disposal 24/7. While she first views the gift as something well deserved and a boon to be flaunted, she soon realizes her good fortune may come at a greater cost to her friendships, and to herself. And Blaine begins to worry about the blossoming friendship between Kurt and his bandmate Elliott, leading Blaine to confront ‘Starchild’ about his intentions towards his fiancé, and forcing a decision about the future of Blaine and Kurt’s relationship.

Here’s the complete song list, along with the vocal performances:

“You Make Me Feel So Young” (featuring Blaine and Kurt)

“Best Day of My Life” (featuring Sam and Blaine)

“Downtown” (featuring Rachel, Blaine, Same, Kurt, and Artie)

“Don’t Sleep in the Subway” (featuring Rachel and Artie)

“Rockstar” (featuring Elliott and Kurt)

Rachel sings “People” from Funny Girl

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