The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Major Character to Be Abducted! Who Could It Be?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Major Character to Be Abducted! Who Could It Be?

You’d think after five seasons of The Vampire Diaries, we’d know that no one is safe in Mystic Falls, but this recent spoiler has us really worried for one of our favorites.

According to TVLine, “A major TVD character will be abducted before month’s end.” But before you freak out, let’s rule out a few options. Stefan seems to be in the clear after TVLine mentioned “a certain birthday boy is not the one taken.” (Stefan’s birthday, of course, is November 5.) We’re also ruling out Silas because we don’t think many would care if this big bad was taken.

So that leaves Elena, Katherine, Damon, Matt, Caroline, Jeremy, and Bonnie. Seeing how Bonnie will enter the world of the living later this month, we think it’s a safe bet to say Miss Bennett will be just fine (unless she truly does have the worst luck in the world). Elena seems like a fitting candidate, seeing how she’s sticking her nose in Dr. Wes Maxfield’s creepy business. Could it be that Elena starts to uncover his deep, dark secrets? Will Dr. Wes flip out and kidnap her? Or will her new mysterious friend Aaron be the one to blame?

Katherine is also a likely choice, considering her blood is now the cure. This, of course, makes her a walking target. Not to mention, she’s left more than a few enemies in her wake over the last 500 years. Does one come to seek his or her revenge? It would be nice to see Nadia try and rescue her long-lost mom from danger.

Damon could also find himself in danger, forcing Elena and Stefan 2.0 to work together to help find him. While this plot twist would force Stelena together, we also don’t think it’s all that likely. Would Damon really be dumb enough to get himself abducted? Unless, he did something to really send Tessa into a temper tantrum, we think Damon is going to be a-OK.

Now on to our two most fitting candidates: Caroline and Matt. Caroline has a nasty track record when it comes to abductions and torture. But who would take Vampire Barbie? We know Caroline will be hooking up with Jesse, which means she might find herself on Dr. Wes’s lab table before midterms. However, there’s another idea that comes to mind — Klaus. We’re not suggesting that the big bad hybrid kidnaps Caroline, but what if Marcel, his vampire foe in the French Quarter, does? In the most recent episode of The Originals, Marcel kidnaps Klaus’s baby mama Hayley, so who’s to say he won’t take Caroline, especially if word gets around that she’s the pretty young blonde Klaus is in love with? [Crossover alert!]

However, Matt seems like a likely choice as well, considering he’s the only holding on to the anchor Silas and Tessa are fighting over. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if Matt found himself in the middle of Silas and Tessa’s heated lovers spat.

What do you think, TVD fans? Who do you think runs the biggest risk of getting abducted this season? Sound off in the comments!

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