Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight After Hometown Dates?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight After Hometown Dates?

It must be pretty excellent, being Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman — except when she has to make tough calls, like who to eliminate after meeting four great families belonging to a truly wonderful final four fellas! But that will be her task on tonight's July 7 Season 10 Hometown Dates episode of The Bachelorette, and it’s not going to be easy. At least, not for us...

Last we left you, Andi was going on Hometown Dates with four total Baldwins, each of whom was a bigger catch than the guy before him! We’re not sure in what order the dates will be aired, as ABC often mixes them up to tell whatever story they want. Truly outdoing himself this year, Reality Steve revealed some pics of the dates as well as details on what happens on a few of them.

When the going gets real, Andi leaves Europe to head to the Heartland for a little taste of her #frontrunner's real life. Steve says Andi starts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with 33-year-old Nick Viall (filmed April 16). The two go to Lakefront Brewery, where they drink a beer made just for them, then they head off to Nick’s family’s house in Waukesha. As RS reported at the time, one of Nick’s sisters is skeptical of the show. But it seems it's not enough to send him home, as he makes it through.

Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Tonight After Hometown Dates?
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Next up is Chris Soules, the “loaded” 32-year-old farmer and fourth generation land baron from Arlington, Iowa, whose date was filmed April 18. Andi goes to his family’s farm in Lamont, IA, and it seems it goes just swimmingly — only after a brief awkward moment where he suggests she might consider being a "homemaker." Puh-lease, like a badass attorney like Andi would go for that.

After getting in touch with her pitchfork-hauling side, Andi heads down to Tampa, Florida (filmed April 20), to hang with 29-year-old Atlanta boy Josh Murray and his family. Josh just so happens to be the older brother of UGA star quarterback — and just-drafted Kansas City Chief — Aaron Murray, Andi’s dad’s favorite player. Do they go to church on Easter Sunday? Andi is Jewish, but we know Josh’s family has a pretty strong Christian faith on one side. That could be awkward, but we're sure Andi is happy to roll with whatever comes at her, so long as Josh was there.

Last up is Marcus Grodd, the 25-year-old former soccer player from Texas who was the first to drop the L-word on A.Dorf. Reality Steve spotted the sports medicine manager — who originally hails from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada — out on his date. Andi and Marcus will share a cupcake at Highland Park Village, and then meet up with his family. Because nothing spells romance like a day in a mall...

So, who gets the ax? According to Reality Steve, it's Marcus, the youngest of the bunch. Does 27-year-old Andi not see a future with Marcus because of his age, or does something else happen that turns her off? We’re not sure, but we're not too worried about Marcus. He’s gorgeous, athletic, clearly emotionally available, and smolders his way through every scene he's been in. Her loss!

What do you think of this elimination? Should Marcus be the next Bachelor? Share your thoughts below!

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