Bachelorette 2014: Did Andrew Poole Really Call Marquel Martin a “Blackie”?
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Bachelorette 2014: Did Andrew Poole Really Call Marquel Martin a “Blackie”?

UPDATE (7/21/14):

Over one month after this controversial episode aired, Marquel Martin and Andrew Poole were stuck discussing the incident over again at July 21's "Men Tell All" special, and it appears these many weeks haven't changed anything. Andrew is still standing by his word that he did not call Marquel (and Ron Worrell) "blackies" during the first rose ceremony. In fact, he told Chris Harrison and the audience that he was just whispering his complaints about the long night to JJ O’Brien.

Meanwhile, the pantsapreneur is sticking by his word that Andrew made these racist comments, and that he only told Marquel out of his allegiance to his friend. Though the rest of the guys (particularly Chris Soules) ragged on JJ for not coming forward with the revelation sooner, Marquel still believes his pal. "I call JJ my friend, so I’m going to take his word."

Original story (6/16/14):

If you thought that The Bachelorette was all about Andi Dorfman and her quest for love, you are sadly mistaken. While homegirl is certainly the sun around which her man-planets rotate, they have their own issues to deal with — and sometimes their beef has nothing to do with the competition over Andi. Fans got extra confirmation of that when they saw things take an extremely uncomfortable turn between Marquel Martin and Andrew Poole on June 16’s Episode 5.

Promo watchers likely spotted this mess coming a mile away, but didn’t exactly know what was going on between a couple of the guys in the clip. Now we know exactly what the issue was between Marquel and Andrew, and it’s unexpectedly race-focused.

While Prints Charming (Marquel) and some of the other guys were powwowing about which guy they wanted out of the house, the resounding answer was Andrew Poole. But what’s their beef with the California-based techie? Well, one particularly offensive comment he made to JJ “Pantsapreneur” O’Brien.

As JJ recounted to Marquel, Andrew was standing next to him at the first rose ceremony, and after Ron Worrell got his rose, he had one very un-PC word to use. “Oh, she gave it to the two blackies,” JJ claimed he said. Blackies? What year is it?

From there, things took an emotional turn as Marquel wrapped his head around the sheer racism of it all. “I didn’t wake up this morning thinking I’d hear someone referred to me as ‘blackie.’ I feel disrespected, angry, kind of want to confront him. But I just have to gather my thoughts before I do anything that I’d regret,” Marquel admitted to the ABC cameras.

Then, he got even more introspective, adding, “It hurts because sometimes no matter how you treat a person they just have this idea of you … I hate getting emotional over it but judge me off of me. It’s crazy to think that the first thing people are going to recognize about me is ‘he’s the black guy.’”

Aww, Marquel! If anything, it’s that impeccable fashion sense that we first noticed. That, and your strong cookie game. Don’t let him get you down.

Marquel did eventually confront Andrew, but he staunchly denied it. “I’m looking you in the eyes and telling you that whatever you’ve been told is complete bulls—t. I treat each and every relationship with everybody in this house with the utmost respect that they deserve. I don’t care where you live, I don’t care how much money you make, it doesn’t f—ng matter to me. I don’t understand why somebody decided to make a statement because I didn’t say that. I swear to god I didn’t say that.”

“I really appreciate that," Marquel thanked him, though he didn't seem completely convinced. "I'm not going to sit up all night wondering who's telling the truth. I spoke my truth."

We weren’t there at that first Rose Ceremony, but if Andrew did say that, we hope he learned his lesson.

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