Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Marquel Martin Make It?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Marquel Martin Make It?

If The Bachelorette was decided by fan votes, Marquel Martin wouldn't have just won Season 10 and Andi Dorfman's heart, he also would've won his own spin-off. Off the top of our heads, we'd probably name it "Marquel, DM us and we'll send you our phone number," but that's just the working title. So, how long do we have to ogle M-squared's cookies on this season? Take a big sip of milk, friendos, because we have some bad news.

According to ruiner of all things, Reality Steve (JK we love you, Steve, just not this news), Marquel Fresh is going to have to suffer a looooong flight back on Season 10 Episode 5, airing June 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT rather than June 9. While normally we'd be annoyed at ABC for bumping our show a week, this just means we have one extra week of pretending all is right in Bachelor Nation, and Marquel is safe and sound having cookie-filled dreams.

Adding to the (wait for it) crumby (sorry) news, Marquel seems to go out on a low note, according to the promo for the episode. In it, it looks like he and Andrew Poole get in a showdown, meaning we'd bet Patrick Jagodzinski is also not on Team MM, eh? (That's a UFC joke, get it?) Marquel gets offended by something Andrew does, and has it out with his fellow sharp dresser. In the end, they're both sent packing (along with Patty, of course), and our world is dimmer.

But lucky for everyone in the world, intel points to Marquel as a likely member of the Bachelor in Paradise cast for Season 1! If that's correct, Marquel is currently heading to Tulum, Mexico to show another lady what he keeps in his box... of cookies, that is.

What do you think of this awful news? There's only one way to feel, and it's sad. Tell us on a scale of 10 to infinity how sad you feel about this news.

Source: Reality Steve

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