Bachelor 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Amy Jokinen?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Amy Jokinen?

UPDATE 1/6/14: Oh man, it was rough watching Amy's debut on The Bachelor. In her packaged intro, she freaked everyone out with her airplane noises and over-exuberance. Then, on Season 18's premiere, she gave Juan Pablo a full-on massage while he was wearing a suit. He wasn't feeling it, and we can't blame him. He let her go and her sob-filled outro made us wish her mom would come pick her up.

ORIGINAL STORY 12/5/13: Who the heck is Amy Jokinen, you might ask? Well, we’ve got all your scoop right here for the Bachelor 2014 contestant with the best bangs in the business. This lovely gal put her competin’ pants on to try and win herself a chance with gorgeous Venezuelan soccer stud and single dad Juan Pablo Galavis.

Amy has a lot of super important stuff in common with JPG, such as their shared love for touching his body. What’s that you say? You don’t get it? Well, Amy is a massage therapist, and according to ABC, she decides to make a big impression on the Season 18 premiere by tossing him on a massage table and going to work.

Beyond her good taste in getting a hand on him immediately (if not sooner), Amy is 31 years old, just a shade under Juan Pablo, and she loves “hot spot” clubs and low-key bars, so she’d probably be totally down to go out dancing or singing karaoke with the music-loving papa. But while he’s really into the Backstreet Boys and Bruno Mars, Amy prefers The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Radiohead. (Good taste, girl!)

She loves her family, and her best childhood memory, which she shared in her ABC bio, is of a family trip with lots of laughing, foosball, and toast. There’s only one thing we might find a little questionable about the Apopka, Florida native, who currently lives in Los Angeles and wants to be an actress: Amy wants to find “peace through time away” on the show, which leads us to believe she’s never watched it before.

What do you think, guys, does Amy sound like the girl for Juan Pablo?

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