Bachelor 2014: Who Is Contestant Andi Dorfman?
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Bachelor 2014: Who Is Contestant Andi Dorfman?

We get that it's tough to be The Bachelor, but Juan Pablo Galavis lost out on love with Andi Dorfman when the probable 2014 Bachelorette broke up with him on the Season 18 Overnight Dates episode. It was a sad state of things, when the third place finisher woke up from Fantasy Suites and hinted that all was not right in her relationship with Juan Pablo, but if it means that we'll get to see her every Monday night starting around May 26 or so, we're OK with it. (Sorry for the word choice, Andi.)

We knew from before Day 1 that the 26-year-old Atlanta resident was the cat’s meow, considering she was named one of the “Most Eligible Bachelorettes” by another source before the show ever aired! And it's for good reason, since the Fulton County Assistant District Attorney is beautiful, smart as a whip, and seems right up any guy's alley (despite her intimidating profession). When Jezebel magazine put together a list of the 20 Most Eligible Atlantans last year, our girl Andi was at the top of their list.

So just who is this beautiful ombré haired brainiac? Well, the Buckhead, (read: fancy part of Atlanta) Georgia resident graduated from Louisiana State University in 2009 with a BS in Communications, and went right into law school at Wake Forest, graduating in 2012 with a JD. After school she landed her “dream job” and is stoked on “getting the chance to make the community [she lives] in a better and safer place.”

As for the kind of guy she wants — Bachelorette hopefuls take note! — she’s looking for someone with “confidence” who’s “in shape,” has a “good family,” and is “someone you can be goofy with.” We would've given Juan Pablo about six billion checks, but sadly, Andi checked out of that relationship.

Her deal-breakers include “cheaters, insecure guys, and anyone who turns off my family.” Ay, there's the rub. Andi’s dad Hy was famously totally Anti-JPG when the 32-year-old single dad stopped by for the Season 18 Hometown Dates episode, since Juan Pabs couldn't justify asking for Andi’s hand in marriage while she was still one of his four girlfriends. We're going to assume that if Andi makes Bachelorette status, she holds on to these values as she judges her fellas.

As far as romantic gestures, Andi once flew “halfway across the country to surprise a guy for his birthday.” Well, Juan Pablo once flew you to South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Miami, and St. Lucia, so... maybe she'll have to reevaluate how distance rates her time.

Date-wise, ABC better get their ish together, especially if they're going to possibly court her to be the next Bachelorette. Just to help them get a little jump on things, she currently lists her ideal date as “dinner at a hip restaurant, followed by dessert.” We’re sure she just mis-typed “hanging from the side of a building, scaling an iceberg, and then hot tubbing on a mountain.” Happens to the best of us.

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Source: Jezebel

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