Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Chris Soules?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Chris Soules?

UPDATE (7/14/14):

Andi Dorfman may have started out calling Midwestern hunk Chris Soules the “total package” in July 14’s Fantasy Suites episode, but alas, it wasn’t a package she was interested in.

The 32-year-old struggled at first, taking her on a (oh so romantic) horse ride, followed by yet another game of Ghosts in the Graveyard. But he did step things up, wooing Andi with an oceanfront, aphrodisiac-filled oyster dinner, but while that may have worked with her other two guys, Josh Murray and Nick Viall, there wasn’t enough chemistry there to build on. And the Atlanta gal had to go with her gut.

Don’t you lose any sleep feeling bad for the strapping farmer, though. First, he’s walking away with lifelong bromances in Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt — seriously, these boys love each other. Plus, if the rumors are true, the Iowa native may have a (dare we say, even better!) gig lined up in the near future. Oh, please make it be so...

Original story (4/16/14):If Andi Dorfman decides her Bachelorette Season 10 final rose is going to Chris Soules, she’ll have to go shopping pronto. But hey, seeing as how well she dresses, we’re betting she’d be just fine with that. Why are we prompting this mall crawl? Well, because Chris lives in Iowa and seems to be a farmer.

As many times as we’ve seen Clueless, the phrase “she could be a farmer in those clothes” does not apply to Andi’s countless leather outfits and heels. But oh well, hottie Chris dwells in Arlington, Iowa, and according to Reality Steve, he has enough scrill to fund any sort of whimsy Andi might have. In the spoiler guru’s words, “he’s loaded” and owns “plenty of acres” of land.

When he’s not just being hot and rich, he apparently works for Summit Farms, as well as for himself. According to his LinkedIn page, his job titles are Farmland Investment Specialist, Farm Management at Summit Farms, and Farming at Soules Farms.

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As for the rest of his life’s details, we’re in the dark. All we know is that he attended Iowa State University and has kept a low social profile, since his Twitter, Facebook, etc. aren’t yet on our radar.

Oh, but we do know another big fact about Chris, and this one is definitely a game-changer: He makes it to Andi’s final four, says RS. So, as filming for The Bachelorette 2014 comes to a close in the next couple weeks, Andi will be stopping by Iowa on the way to happily ever after for the Season 10 Hometown Dates. Whether Chris is that “right one” or not remains to be seen. But just in case, she might want to start investing in some mucking boots.

What do you think about Chris? Is he the one for her or do you think there’s another guy who’s a better fit? Sound off in the comments below!

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