Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Dylan Petitt?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Dylan Petitt?

UPDATE (6/30/14):

Fans of quiet, handsome brooders suffered a tough loss in June 30’s Episode 7 of Bachelorette Season 10, when Dylan Petitt was sent home to Beantown by Andi Dorfman, just one week shy of Hometown Dates. Boy were we gypped of some quality Fenway Park time — not to mention a little Tea Party reenactment!

We have to give Dylan his due for making it to week seven in Andi’s “journey.” Though the 26-year-old accountant was certainly a dreamy on-camera presence, he also didn’t get much airtime alongside the Bachelorette. Whether that was because he lacked the tangible chemistry Andi had with other contestants or because he just wasn’t dramatic enough to warrant the producers’ attention, it’s clear Andi didn’t see a future between them.

Following up his no-hand-washing admission in Episode 6’s Italy-set lie detector tests, Dylan’s last chance with the gang prosecutor was in Belgium where he joined Nick Viall, Chris Soules, and Brian Osborne for a group date in a monastery. Perhaps it was the “no touching” policy that really threw a wrench in Dyl’s game — he’s more of a “less talk, more action” type of guy, after all — but whatever the case, he failed to earn the petaled ticket to Hometowns at the ep’s final Europe-set rose ceremony (alongside this guy).

Don’t worry too much about this fella, though, as he will be getting a second shot at reality love on Bachelor in Paradise this August. And if you’re worried about his game on the hormone-filled island, don’t forget that this guy is experienced in the bedroom. ‘Nuff said.

Original story (5/30/14):

Before we met Dylan Petitt, we thought he was so dreamy he looked like a movie star. Now that we’ve seen him up close and personal (sort of) we still think the hunkster is hawt, but we do have one request. Dear Dylan, please cut your hair. Or at least refrain from gooping it so. That’s all we ask, and then your chiseled-ness will be perfect.

Of 26-year-old Andi Dorfman’s man menagerie, we think Dylan Boston, Massachusetts resident is tops, at least in the looks department. Dark, handsome, swarthy, and with just a hint of young Richard Gere about him, we’re betting he’ll be around for the long haul — if he can just be a little less shy. He let his nerves get the best of him during the premiere, insisting Andi give him a wide berth. Not exactly suave, but we’re betting she found his jitter pants endearing because so far she’s kept him around.

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Beside being dreamy, Dyl Dyl is also wicked smart. After growing up in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, close to Connecticut, he attended University of Massachusetts, Amherst, for college. There, he studied business and accounting before graduating with a degree in sports management in 2011. In college, he even ran his own business as an intern in his third year. His LinkedIn profile tells us that these days he’s working at Ernst & Young, but according to Reality Steve, he’s actually moved on to Walter & Shuffain, an accounting and business advising firm in Boston.

Steve also mentions that Dylan has had quite a bit of tragedy in his life, losing his sister in 2009 and his younger brother Patrick in November 2013. There isn’t much information available about these sad events, and we’re surprised we haven’t heard about them yet on the show, since ABC tends to air that laundry pretty early.

If you want to learn more about Dylan, good luck. His Facebook page has been disconnected, his Twitter is active but hasn’t seen a tweet since July 2013, and his Instagram is set to private. Guess we’ll have to keep watching every Monday to see more of his kinda perfect face! Wanna know how long he’ll be sticking around during Andi’s season? You can take a peeksie here.

What do you think: Is Dylan Petitt the best of the bunch, or just another fella?

Source: Reality Steve