Bachelor 2014: Who is Eliminated Contestant Elise Mosca?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Who is Eliminated Contestant Elise Mosca?

UPDATE 1/26/2014: We guess Elise wasn't the one for Juan Pablo! She was eliminated during the Episode 4 Rose Ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. It could have something to do with the fact that we barely saw her saying anything about herself to Juan Pablo during her time with him, or maybe they really just didn't click.

Whatever the reasoning for her elimination, she didn't seem to take it all that well. Perhaps it was the fact that she would have to fly 12 hours back to the U.S.A. after only being abroad for, like, five minutes, but something made the tears well up. And her last words weren't pretty. In fact, they were just the opposite. Before making her exit off the 15 minutes train, Elise mentioned that her deceased mom would not want her to be stuck with such "ugly people," saying that they were "truly ugly" inside. Yikes, can't wait to see more in-fighting, though we will miss Elise's spangly skirts.

ORIGINAL STORY 10/16/2013: Some of Juan Pablo Galavis’s Season 18 The Bachelor contestants make us really hopeful for him to find a wife, some make us want to drink heavily, and others, like Elise Mosca, make us want to follow them around with a video camera.

The blonde beauty is no stranger to the camera. She has her own (recently disabled) YouTube channel which focuses on the subject she knows best: Herself! The Forty Fort, Pennsylvania girl is Italian by blood, with family from Castlebuono in Sicily. In fact, she has repped New York (we’re not sure why it wasn’t PA) in the Miss Italia nel Mondo competition.

Elise’s largely bare LinkedIn profile lists her occupation as Miss Philadelphia International 2013. In one of the videos we were lucky to watch before it was cruelly taken from us, Elise explains how her super soft, straight blonde hair can make it difficult to curl for pageants. We’ve been there, girlie.

But she’s not just some gorgeous girl with a penchant for parading in swimsuits. Elise graduated from West Chester University in 2008 with a teaching degree in teaching, and works at Heights Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

We don’t know how far Elise makes it, but she was certainly all over the dance floor during a Bachelor group date in South Korea in September, and her Twitter and Instagram are still deactivated, so who knows — she may be one of the last ladies standing!

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