Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Jason Leep?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Jason Leep?

UPDATE (5/19/14): We were pretty excited to have a doctor in the house....until we heard him talk. Apparently, Andi felt the same way. Thor's hair double made a super cheesy first impression with one of the worst pickup lines we've heard since 7th grade when he asked Andi if she had a fever because "she's so hot". Oy vey. Someone give that guy a tongue depressant to make it stop. Thankfully Jason is super successful in his career, if not love, and he'll never be lonely as long as he has those long blonde locks.

ORIGINAL STORY (5/15/14): There are a lot of total babes cast on every season of The Bachelorette, but Andi Dorfman has attracted a crazy amount of super smart guys, too. Take Jason Leep, for example, who may be more accomplished than even 27-year-old assistant district attorney Andi!

The 35-year-old is an urgent care physician, having attended school in a magical place called American University of the Caribbean, according to Reality Steve. After his beach-front education, the spoiler king says Jason did his residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

According to his official Bachelorette bio, the longhaired doctor lives in Houghton, Michigan… or Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, depending on if you believe the press release or the ABC website. Either way, he’s living it up in the midwest.

When he’s not listening to the sound of his own doubts, he likes to tune into a truly mind-boggling mix of Toby Keith, Deadmau5, and Led Zeppelin. That is, when the 6-foot-nada fella isn’t watching Back to the Future, Top Gun, or The Great Outdoors.

Jason calls getting his medical degree his greatest achievement, adding that “you know you’ve done something worthwhile if you get some letters after your name.” Yep, that’s why we’re getting married and hyphenating that shizz, bro.

Oh, and just so you know, he’ll do anything for love, but he won’t… forsake his family. We’re pretty sure Meatloaf would call him a wimp.

Don’t get too attached. Dr. Jason Leep, M.D. doesn’t make it as long as his side-parted hair. Surprised? Oh.

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