Bachelor 2014 : Who Is Eliminated Contestant Kelly Travis?
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Bachelor 2014 : Who Is Eliminated Contestant Kelly Travis?

UPDATE 2/3/2014: We enjoyed the hell out of Kelly Travis's spunky, real talkin' personality, but apparently the feeling wasn't mutual for Juan Pablo. He eliminated the 27-year old Georgia peach in Da Nang, Vietnam on the February 3 episode of The Bachelor along with Alli Restko and Danielle Ronco. Maybe things would have turned out differently had Juan spent a little less time exploring the back of Clare Crawley's throat with his tongue?

Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, but this elimination really stings. We have pretty much wanted to be Kelly's BFF since the first episode of the season. ABC: please please please bring back Bachelor Pad so we can spend a little more time with our girl Kelly! She's perfect.

ORIGINAL STORY 9/19/2013: Hola Juan Pablo Galavis. Have we got the girl for you. Seriously, look no further because your The Bachelor Season 18 search is terminado. Southern belle Kelly Travis is here, and all your love fears are no more.

The super eligible bachelorette (no, seriously, Modern Luxury just named her one of the 20 Most Eligible Atlantans) has a lot going for her — and we’re not just talking about what a stunner she is. The “self-motivated, meticulous, detail-oriented professional” seems dedicated to everything she does — including having fun! What’s more, she’s going to win this thing because she says that she has “talent mastering new concepts and work procedures in (a) limited time frame.” Oh, you mean like figuring out what Juan Pablo likes, showing him that you have those things, and then beating the other girls to the final rose? Like, those “new concepts”? Master on, little lady.

The 27-year-old Buckhead, Georgia, resident got her degree from Georgia Perimeter College and works as an Executive Assistant at Choate Construction. She is the former owner of a tanning spa called Bronzed Atlanta, so we know that she’s not unaware of her physical attributes. Plus, she’s done a little super-artistic fashion modeling and is drop dead gorgeous. And she loves animals! In fact, a little birdy (cough STEVE) says that Kelly will be bringing her rescue dog, Molly, to Bachelor Mansion!

She says that her perfect mate is “someone with intelligence, passion, spontaneity, and a perfect balance of confidence and humility.” Wow, well said, lady. A smart businessman with a passion for music and sports who can rock his body 'til the break of day, and then remember the importance of family as he tucks his daughter in should be just the right fit.

But Juan Pablo better be careful, because she has a very specific list of turn offs: She says her dealbreakers are “lying, infidelity, inability to control anger, and not being supportive.” Let’s hope that she doesn’t mistake that passion she’s so fond of for anger, and that she can hang with JPG while he kisses on a bunch of other girls on The Bachelor. But he should be set, since she loves a good “smile” and “good hair,” which, fingers crossed, includes frosted tips, because that’s what Juan is currently working with.

Kelly would also be totally on board with Juan Pablo’s adventurous side, since she says her best advice is to “Do what makes your heart beat the fastest.” Girl, you don’t even know what you’re in for!

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