Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Marcus Grodd?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Marcus Grodd?

UPDATE 7/7/14: Piercing blue eyes have left our lives forever. Marcus Grodd was the first guy who caused Andi Dorfman to whip out the word hawwwwt. The beautiful, beautiful man with abs of steel was also the first to drop the L-bomb on Andi, which seems to have have been his demise. In a show that's built on warp speed dating, Marcus was operating on warp speed times infinity. And his declaration of feelsies for Andi just couldn't beat out the power of Josh Murray's lips, Nick Viall's little sister's cuteness, or Chris Soules's plane-o-gram.

Thankfully, we got to see him shake his groove thang one last time when he (weirdly) decided to give Andi a private lap dance, but alas, even that booty shaking couldn't get Marcus yet another rose.

So while everyone else is heading off for Fantasy Suite dates in the Dominican Republic, M.Grodd will be heading home... or will he? While we're sad to see him go, we hear he's doing just fine. Since parting ways with Andi and her roses, the tall hunk of handsome has headed down to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise, where he's found himself a new lady love to take his mind off the Atlantan.

To the left, every other guy on The Bachelorette. Marcus Grodd has arrived, and it’s probably over for the other two dozen guys, if Andi Dorfman knows what’s good for her. And from what we've heard, it sounds like she does... Why do we say that? Well, read on, gentle reader.

While Andi is probably not all that stoked to date another former soccer player after the JPG fiasco, Marcus did have some moves in his day. According to spoiler fella Reality Steve, the 25-year-old stud has tons of experience in the ball-play department. He played goalie as a kid and growing up, kicked around overseas, and ended up in Dallas.

The Canadian born dreamboat is half German, half Polish, and half ours, if Andi doesn’t want him. He has an older brother named Conrad and an older sister named Cathy. When he's not busy freezing people's skin at American Cryotherapy in Plano, Marcus can be found doing Crossfit. We're not sure how he got into cryotherapy, but Steve also says he used to work for Keller Williams Realty. Natural progression? Uh, we don't get it either..

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Obviously, we don’t know enough about Marcus to be confident in knowing he’s the one for Andi, but considering the serious chemistry they had on their 1-on-1 date in Season 10 Episode 4, we'd put money on him to make it to the Finale. What makes us so sure? Well, on their date, they went to the Griswold Inn before heading over to the Mohegan Sun for a concert with country star Jon Pardi, and were spotted making out in front of a huge crowd!

Oh yeah, and then there's the simple matter of the fact that Reality Steve says Marcus makes it to the Final 4 and will visit him in Dallas, Texas (where his parents live) for Hometown Dates. No big deal, but that bet's looking pretty solid to us...

Clearly Andi likes him, our eyes don’t lie, and he’s wearing a pocket square, so we know that Chris Harrison would probably be on #TeamMarcus. If he knows what’s good for him/us/Andi.

Source: Reality Steve

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