Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Are Juan Pablo Galavis’s Contestants?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Are Juan Pablo Galavis’s Contestants?

Word on the street is that Juan Pablo Galavis has already kicked off filming for The Bachelor 2014, and his love just can't be stopped.

In just shy of four months, JPG
 will be making his way through an all you can kiss buffet of ladies, each one hotter than the next. And while we can’t imagine how he’s going to make his choice, we’ve laid out a little cheat sheet so you can start making wagers in your own Season 18 fantasy dating pool.

1) Alli Restko, 26, Chicago. Alli graduated from Miami Ohio in 2009 and has a sweet smile we’re sure will immediately attract Juan Pablo’s attention. Although we don’t know too much about her yet, something tells us she might stick around for a while.

2) Ashley Poe, 25 or 26, Denton, TX. Ashley is an ambitious school teacher with tons in common with JPG. She loves to travel and be active, she has a wild side, and she’s got enough energy to keep up with the always-on-the-go Juan Pablo.

3) Kat Hurd, 29, Scottsdale. Kat smiles, kicks, and shakes it as a dancer for the Phoenix Suns. With her bubbly personality, super-active lifestyle, and bangin’ bod, she just may be everyone’s stiffest competition for Juan Pablo’s heart.

4) Kylie Lewis, 23, Chicago. Think Juan Pablo likes quoting song lyrics? Then you haven’t met Kylie, a self-described “artist” who “just wanna feel this moment” and retweets hilarious quotes like a freaking boss. Oh yeah, and she’s beautiful to boot.

5) Val Eredia, 26, Sutter, CA. This former volleyball player may be just the girl to kick, toss, and tap a ball around with ex-soccer pro Juan Pablo. And when she’s not making it physical, physical as a PT, she’s showing off her sign language skills. With a proficiency for language, maybe Spanish will be the next one she’ll hablar.

6) Andi Dorfman, 26, Buckhead, GA. Super polished, accomplished, and a magazine-acknowledged catch, this "feisty" brunette might be the perfect choice for our little Juan. The Assistant District Attorney loves a nice glass of chardonnay and is comfortable strutting her stuff in anything — except sneakers and jeans.

7) Lauren Solomon, 27, Austin, TX. The midwestern-raised girl tickles the ivories professionally, composing and slinging her music on the interwebs. When she's not touting her tunes, she loves game shows — and even met her ex-fiancé on one, before appearing on more. 

8) Kelly Travis, 27, Buckhead, GA. This Georgia-born gal was also featured as a super sassy, super hot, super bachelorette to watch in her upscale area of Atlanta. But who does she love watching most? Um, that would be her rescue pup, Molly. 

9) Amy Long, 27, Clermont, FL. The Body Glove swimsuit model certainly fulfills at least one of Juan Pablo's requirements, and seems like a sweet, fun girl who could keep up with the former soccer star. 

10) Maggie Gantt, 25, North Augusta, SC. The fit brunette used to be a cosmetologist but now works as a banker. Oh, and she once dated Emily Maynard's "love on ya" ex Ryan Bowers. 

11) Renee Oteri, 32, Sarasota, FL. Single parent? Check, she has an eight-year-old. Same age as JPG? Check. Good job? Check, she's a realtor. Ready for love? Likely.

12) Lucy Aragon, 24, LA via Santa Barbara, CA. Free-spirited Lucinda works as a Wilhelmina model and says she really likes to be naked. Her Twitter and Facebook pages are littered with pics of her showing off most of what she's working with... And Kate Upton, so.

13) Alexis Morgado, 24, Tampa, FL. The University of South Florida grad works as "corporate communications director" for her family's spice company and is a Tampa Bay Lightning (hockey) girl. She's also beautiful and great at smiling. 

14) Christine Llano, 24, Miami, FL. Bad boys, bad boys, she's coming for you. The Miami-Dade Police Department is her employer and she speaks Spanish fluently. Sound like a good match for JPG? 

15) Amy Jokinen, 20something, LA via Orlando, FL. The massage therapist rubs shoulders (literally) with Los Angelinos while working toward becoming an actress. Is she on The Bachelor for the right reasons?

16) Chantel Forrest, 27, San Diego, CA. The ambitious account manager has two degrees: One in hospitality, the other in business, both on the managing side. Can she manage to stick around long enough to show Juan Pabs she's the girl for him?

17) Danielle Ronco, 25, St. Louis, MO. A nurse and a model? Sounds like Juan Pablo might come down with Danielle fever... (Badoom chhh)

18) Elise Mosca, 27, Forty Fort, PA. We're inclined to like Elise just because she sometimes does YouTube videos to explain how hairstylists do her hair for pageants ("Sometimes it's hard because my hair is so soft) and because her town's name is excellent. Beyond that, who knows?

19) Lacy Faddoul, 20something?, San Diego, CA. The real estate agent is great at giving herself titles: President/CEO/Owner of a company? Super. Wife of Juan Pablo? We'll see. 

20) Lauren Higginson, 25ish, Edmun, OK. Besides being pretty, this little lady has a couple of interesting job titles and an ex-fiancé to give her a little story time for the show. Will she get a chance to tell it?

Wanna see what his girls look like? Check out the basics here. 

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