Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Melissa Returns in Season 4B!
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Melissa Returns in Season 4B!

When Pretty Little Liars returns for its winter season, expect to see a few familiar faces. We already know Jason DiLaurentis and Noel Kahn will be popping up in Rosewood this season, and now we can add Melissa Hastings to the list as well.

Actress Torrey DeVitto confirmed her return to, telling the website, “I go back to filming next week!” Seeing how the cast and crew are currently filming the final few episodes of Season 4, it looks like Melissa will make her Rosewood return in the Season 4 finale (“A Is For Answers”).

Last time we saw Melissa, she was off to London for an internship — and she advised Spencer to do the same. But in the Season 4 mid-season finale, it looked like she was staying in Wren’s London apartment. We speculated that Wren and Melissa may be working together to find Ali, so will this dynamic duo be back in the Season 4 finale? We sure hope so!

We still have a lot of questions for the elder Hastings sister. Sure, she says she’s been protecting Spencer from the truth, but we have a hard time believing Melissa would just pack up and leave her little sis to fend off “A” all by herself. Is Melissa working on a top-secret mission of her own?

Only time will tell, Pretty Little Liars fans! Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4B premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family!

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