Ravenswood Spoilers: Miranda Changes Clothes! Could She Be Alive?
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Ravenswood Spoilers: Miranda Changes Clothes! Could She Be Alive?

Considering Miranda Collins (Nicole Gale Anderson) died in Ravenswood’s second episode, the future has looked pretty dismal for Ravenswood’s resident runaway for almost Ravenswood’s entire run. But is there hope yet for Miranda’s mortal existence? If Miranda’s spanking new outfit is anything to go by, we think so!

Lights, camera... action! @HeyItsNicoleA, behind the scenes on #Ravenswood!” tweeted the official ABC Family Ravenswood handle just yesterday, along with a picture of Nicole holding the clapper on set. Cute, and everything, but what really got our attention was Nicole’s attire. Because it wasn’t the same green parka, torn jeans, and boots Miranda has been sporting since she died and turned ghost! Does this mean Miranda might be coming back from the dead, or did she just find Ravenswood’s American Ghost Apparel branch?

Though we seriously hope Miranda’s resurrection is the explanation, there are definitely other reasons for the wardrobe change. Top of the list: a Miranda-focused flashback that shows us a bit more about the foster kid’s past. So far, we haven’t really gotten much in the way of flashbacks, though we did get a glimpse in Miranda’s recollections of when she left Ravenswood as a small child in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode that introduced her character. Also, PLL is a fan of the flashback, so we wouldn’t rule out a similar fondness for the dramatic device on its spinoff.

Another possibility is that Miranda has figured out a way to push the limits of ghostly existence. The rules have already changed once for her. When she first turned ghost, Caleb was the only mortal who could see her. After saving the lives of Luke, Olivia, and Remy, they were able to see her, too. She also has stretched the boundaries of where she can wander from her initial confinement to the funeral home and cemetery to the entire town. Has Miranda simply figured out how to change her ghostly appearance, too?

Do you think Miranda’s wardrobe change means she is alive? Or is there another explanation for the sparkly sweater she’s sporting in the behind-the-scenes Twitter pic? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the midseason finale of Ravenswood on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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