Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Nick Viall Make It?
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Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Nick Viall Make It?

Well, things certainly have gone south for Nick Viall, eh? Season 10 kicked off with Bachelorette Andi Dorfman handing over the First Impression Rose to Nick on the premiere, and little did she know she was painting a target on his back that has endured up until this point. Let's talk about why, and whether it dooms him or not...

Every season, Chris Harrison makes things awkward by laying out the First Impression Rose in full view of the guys. They talk on camera about it, discussing how much they want it or pretending it ain’t no thing but some petals. Although only one guy usually gets it (except on Desiree Hartsock’s season, when she gave out a half dozen of em), it can sometimes be a kiss of death.

As it turned out, we've seen plenty of Mr. V this season. After getting the premiere rose, Nick sat out the dates on Episode 2, but Andi made up for it on the following week in Santa Barbara when the pair went hiking, wine drinking, and kissing. Obvi, he got a rose, cuz here we are going into Season 10 Hometown Dates, and the 33-year-old software salesman is still in the competition. Oh wait, don't call it a competition, because that would mean that "frontrunner" Nick is only in it to win it, with it being Andi... She doesn't like being thought of as a prize, mmkay?

So, that brings us up to speed, minus a couple of tiffs between Nick and, uh, all the other guys in the house who don't like his "arrogant" attitude... But anyhow, it's all up to Andi now, since Nick's time living with his not-bros is over, and he now has to prove that he's the person he's said he is all along.

According to Reality Steve, things get a little less than perfect for Nick starting Monday. After wowing Andi with his family ties in Wisconsin (and surviving the curse of the disapproving sibling), word is he gets a free trip to the Dominican Republic to spend a night with La Bachelorette, and keeps her happy till the break of dawn. But that’s where it ends, friend, because when it comes down to it, Reality Steve says Nick does not get the final rose!So, how did he take it? Well, from a little video or two RS shared, we're thinking not well.


What do you think: does this sound like heartbreak is a’coming for our boy Nick Viall? Or will he bounce back and be the next Bachelor? Hit the comments!

Source: Reality Steve