Ravenswood Spoilers: Nicole Gale Anderson on Caleb and Miranda’s “Link” and “Evil” Ghost Girl Max — Exclusive
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Ravenswood Spoilers: Nicole Gale Anderson on Caleb and Miranda’s “Link” and “Evil” Ghost Girl Max — Exclusive

When Miranda stepped into the light in the most recent episode of Ravenswood, she may have thought it was her happily ever after, but Caleb’s about to discover that Miranda is in serious trouble! Will Caleb and Co. be able to save Miranda in time? Or will Miranda be fooled by her dream life on the Other Side?

Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted with Ravenswood star Nicole Gale Anderson about the midseason finale — “Scared to Death” — and she dished on Miranda’s rude awakening, Caleb and Miranda’s “link” (hint: it has to do with the original Caleb and Miranda from 1917!), and the race to uncover how to reverse the pact.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So we saw Miranda walk off into the light with her mom, but it’s not as it seems. So what’s going on with Miranda in Episode 5?

Nicole Gale Anderson: Yes! Miranda thinks that she’s found her mom in the spirit world, and after she follows her into the light. she wakes up in this beautiful dream home, where everything is picture perfect and her family is there. We introduce a creepy child named Max, and Miranda thinks everything is perfect. But it’s not what it seems, and Caleb, through their dreams — because they’ve connected through their dreams before — he tries to find Miranda. He starts to connect the pieces with all of the clues that he finds in the box. The whole gang tries to find Miranda before it’s too late. They go on a scavenger hunt!

Ravenswood Spoilers: Nicole Gale Anderson on Caleb and Miranda’s “Link” and “Evil” Ghost Girl Max — Exclusive
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It’s nice to see the roles reversed a bit because it’s usually Miranda who’s been saving them.

Totally! Yeah, I felt like a damsel in distress, with everyone running in and being like, “Miranda, you have to come with us!” But she doesn’t want to believe it. She thinks she’s found her family, so it’s going to take some convincing. It was a fun episode to shoot.

You mentioned Max, and we know she’s going to play a significant part in the season. Is Max a ghost? What can you tell us?

They haven’t really fully explained what she is, but we’re assuming that she’s a ghost. She’s an evil creature that’s trying to ruin their lives [laughs], but she comes off as very sweet.

You never trust the ones in the red coats…

Right! Some things never change!

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Miranda has a crush on Caleb. How does that develop from here? There’s weird feelings between the two of them.

It’s really complicated! They’ve been through so much in such a short amount of time since they first met. I think their bond was really unexpected. At the moment, Caleb is really the only person that Miranda has to lean on and confide in. She really trusts that he’ll be there for her, and be there through everything that she’s going through. I think that Caleb feels guilty for not being about to protect Miranda, and not taking care of her the way he promised he would. He’s still very respectful of his relationship with Hanna, but there’s just a lot of witty banter between the two. They have a strong bond, and we’re going to find out a lot of that stems from a deeply rooted connection in their past lives. We’re exploring that in the fifth episode, and you’ll see that it may be why Caleb and Miranda are so tightly linked together. They explore the history with original Miranda and Caleb from 1917, and they unravel the mysteries surrounding their doppelgangers. There’s a reason they look exactly like them, and we’ll see how it affects them in the present day.

That must have been so fun to shoot! You get to play dress-up for an episode.

Yeah, it was the most fun! I have always wanted to do a period piece, so to be able to dress up for the show was really fun. I didn’t know we were going to be able to do that! It was so unexpected — all of the costumes and the hair and the makeup. It was a blast!

Ravenswood Spoilers: Nicole Gale Anderson on Caleb and Miranda’s “Link” and “Evil” Ghost Girl Max — Exclusive
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It must have been especially fun for you because you’ve been stuck in the same clothes for four episodes now…

Oh my gosh, yes! I had such a good time with the costume designer because I was like, “I felt like I haven’t seen you the whole season!” But I do actually get a couple of costume changes in the next episode, surprisingly enough. So that was pretty exciting as well. She has a few different looks, and she gets to play dress-up in her new bedroom with her dream closet.

For being a ghost, her hair and makeup looks fabulous all the time.

I know, right? At least she died looking good. it could have happened in the middle of the night in her pajamas, so she really lucked out.

How many of those green jackets do you have on set?

We rotate between three or four, I think. And there’s always a chance that I might need a stunt double because things get crazy in Ravenswood. So there’s always an extra one for the stunt double, which is convenient because I don’t think we all prepared for the amount of episodes that I would be in it! [Laughs]

Tell us about the curse. We know we’re going to find out more about its history in the fifth episode, but how does it affect their doppelgangers?

This episode is really exciting because the flashback to the original Miranda and Caleb will reveal how the pact was made, who was involved, and how those two were connected in the whole process. It definitely unravels more of the mystery, and you get a lot more answers. It also reveals who the main bad guy is in this situation. It points the group in the right direction, and they know who to start looking for in order to reverse the pact. It definitely propels them forward.

Right now, Miranda’s uncle Raymond is looking suspicious…

Oh, yeah, absolutely! Creepy Collins. And that’s the thing! He’s been so great at playing the bad guy, but there’s a lot of mystery behind his character. I’m really excited for the fans to see the more vulnerable side of Uncle Collins later on in the season, especially his scenes with Rochelle Matheson. Their relationship is very interesting. I think Raymond Collins is doing the best he can in a really terrible situation. He’s trying to protect and keep the pact closely guarded, but he doesn’t realize that he’s actually causing more harm, if anything. One of my favorite lines is from Mrs. Grunwald, when she tells him, “You’re leaving all these questions for them to trip over.” It’s the perfect way to describe him!

Now, you film in New Orleans, where there’s a pretty rich supernatural history. Have you had any supernatural encounters of your own?

I haven’t! I think once Brett [Dier] started telling me about the woman’s face he saw in his apartment, I was like, “OK, I’m not coming over anymore. I’m just going to hang out at my place because I’m pretty sure it’s not haunted.” I think this location has been so great for the show, especially for the next episode. There’s a haunted mansion, and it’s actually a haunted mansion! It’s just at the tip of our fingers here. This city is so perfect with its rich history and gorgeous architecture. It adds such an authentic element to the show. It’s kind of like its own character in a way.

Well, it’s good to know that you may play a ghost on TV but you’re not actually haunted by ghosts.

I know! I put out a warning early on. I was like, “don’t worry guys, there’s not need to haunt me.” I’m not method acting or anything!

Catch the midseason finale of Ravenswood on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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