The Originals Spoilers: Phoebe Tonkin On Haley and Klaus “Friction” (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Phoebe Tonkin On Haley and Klaus “Friction” (VIDEO)

Are you prepared for the epic Haley and Klaus reunion on The Originals premiere next week? We’re not sure we are!

The fabulous Phoebe Tonkin spoke to TV Guide about how Haley is going to handle her relocation to New Orleans, including upcoming struggles with her baby daddy, her new family, and putting aside her loner tendencies in order to be a good, protective mom.

Phoebe said “each episode is different” between her and Klaus, adding, “they go between resenting each other, and then protecting each other a little bit. And they have some really beautiful moments.” Aw! You mean Klaus might actually be a good father? We suppose, as long as he can stop himself from slaughtering 12 people at a time.

The gorgeous actress also said, “You know, they’re both in this together. This is a big deal that’s changed both their lives. It goes back and forth each episode, because they’re both feisty and they’re both in these situations that they didn’t really ask for. So, there’s friction between the two of them, but then at the end they kind of do come together and realize that they’re now the parents of something else and they can’t be as selfish.” Hmm. We’re still skeptical!

And Phoebe hinted that Haley and Rebekah will find some common ground this fall, because “they both have these very crazy family lives, abandoned by parents and siblings … so I think they have that in common … I think at first they kind of clash heads a little bit, but then they grow to lean on each other as friends, as people that can protect each other and offer support and advice.” Go, (supernatural) girl power!

But how will Haley protect herself and the baby against the many threats she’ll find in this new world? According to Phoebe, Hayley’s gonna have to break down and accept some help: “Haley has always been very strong-willed and independent, and not felt like she’s had to rely on anyone else to protect her. But I think Haley’s smart enough … there’s a lot of people after her right now, and after this child. So she’s kind of building allies. She’s gotten close to Rebekah, and Elijah is very protective of Haley.”

We’re still hoping the “protection” that Elijah is offering includes some romance. How about you?

Source: TV Guide

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