Spoilers, Possible Death, and Ezra’s Baby: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 8/10
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Pretty Little Liars

Spoilers, Possible Death, and Ezra’s Baby: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 8/10

What a crazy week! Here is what happened in the world of Pretty Little Liars this week.

- ABC Family released a seriously spoiler-y photo from the Season 3 summer finale. Hanna is crying! Police are involved! Could someone close to Hanna be dead? Or maybe this is a flashback (or flashforward) photo of a sad event that will take place? Hmm.

- Speaking of spoilers, ABC Family released a suspect tracker list with the top suspects of someone who will betray the Little Liars in the summer finale. The list makes us a little nervous, because Ezra and the Little Liars are on the list.

- Now that we mention it, Ezra has been acting preeettty suspicious on Pretty Little Liars recently. Maybe he is the one who betrayed the girls and told Jason that they took Alison’s body? It pains us to think about it but … it’s also kind an amazing twist!

- Enough about the finale. We still have two more episodes to go before that! Check out all the sneak peeks from next week’s episode, including some clues about what “Maya knew” and Wren falling hard for Hanna. (Gasp!)

- Spoiler alert! Dr. Sullivan is returning! Will we finally get an answer to our Toby-Dr. Sullivan theory?

- Huge spoiler alert! Spencer might be getting a new love interest. Does this mean (*sniff*) no more Spoby?

- Speaking of crazy things! We have a sneaking suspicion that Ezra’s baby might still be out there. And Ezra’s baby mama might be coming to Rosewood soon! (Notice how everyone is dancing around the abortion question? “Go away” doesn’t mean get an abortion...)

- As always, don’t forget to read our recap of this week’s episode. Our clues list will make you shiver!

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