Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ravenswood “Will Have Closure”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ravenswood “Will Have Closure”

We’re very excited to get Ravenswood’s Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) back on Pretty Little Liars, but we’re worried we won’t have any Ravenswood closure in his return to Rosewood. What did the show’s Powers That Be have to say about the canceled spinoff at Sunday night’s Pretty Little Liars PaleyFest panel?

According to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Joseph Dougherty promised some closure for the many dangling storylines of the PLL spin-off: “We are going to in a satisfactory way, as not to leave you hanging. We knew where we were going, but they [the network] told us to get off the train,” Joseph joked.

As for the biggest loose end that came with Ravenswood’s cancellation, Caleb Rivers will return to Rosewood in the fifth episode of Season 5, which also happens to be the 100th episode of the series. What a way to celebrate! Apparently, Ashley Benson (Hanna) started celebrating early. “I was screaming on the phone [to Marlene]. I am super happy. I love Ty; he’s the best.”

If only we knew if Hanna’s reaction will be as enthusiastic. Caleb has a lot of explaining to do — both to us and Hanna. We want to know if the rest of the Ravenswood gang is OK, and so far, there has been no official decision on whether any other Ravenswood characters will appear on Pretty Little Liars.

How do you think PLL will find closure for Ravenswood? Are you looking for closure from the canceled spin-off? Sound off in the comments below!

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