Glee Spoilers: Get Ready to Meet a Character’s Baby!
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Glee Spoilers: Get Ready to Meet a Character’s Baby!

In our opinion, many of the characters on Glee are still too young to be producing their own spawn, but that didn’t exactly stop Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling). But little Beth is with Shelby (Idina Menzel) in New York City now, and apparently it’s time to introduce a new tot to the Glee universe.

We may have left Lima and by extension Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and wife Emma (Jayma Mays) — behind, but apparently we aren’t done with the newlyweds’ storyline just yet. For one, Will is headed to NYC next week with Sue (Jane Lynch) to support Rachel (Lea Michele) on Funny Girl’s opening night, but it also seems like we haven’t seen the last of endearingly neurotic Emma either.

When we last checked in with Emma in “New Directions” she was pregnant with Will’s child, and according to Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy not only will we see more Wemma in future episodes, but we’ll get to meet their soon-to-be little one as well! Ryan spilled the good news in a live Twitter Q&A during Season 5, Episode 16: “Tested” when a fan asked if we’re ever going to see Wemma and “that baby.”

“@schuepillsbury Actually, yes. #GleeAlong,” he replied.

Last we heard producers were looking for a body double for Jayma and the actress herself (who also stars on CBS’ The Millers) has said she’s pretty much finished with the FOX dramedy, but if anyone can bring her back it’s Ryan!

Are you psyched to see more Wemma and their (likely ginger) offspring in Season 6? Tell us how you feel below!

Glee Season 5 airs Tuesday nights on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.