Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Reality Steve Says THIS GIRL Will Win!
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Reality Steve Says THIS GIRL Will Win!

Reality Steve has always been the go-to guy for Bachelor spoilers, only missing one or two occasionally when his sources were off the mark. So, when he predicted Juan Pablo Galavis’s winner, we were all ears — especially because he did so back while Hometown Dates were still filming and the Bachelor has four girls left! But while he wouldn't reveal the origin of his intel, he seemed pretty confident of his choice — and even confirmed it in in his November 20, 2013 column!

To refresh your memories, the four girls who get Hometown Dates are: 26-year-old Andi Dorfman from Buckhead, Georgia, who works as an assistant DA; 32-year-old Clare Crawley from Sacramento, California, who works as a hairstylist; 26-year-old Nikki Ferrell, a model and pediatric nurse from Kansas City; and Renee Oteri, a 32-year-old single mom and real estate agent from Sarasota, Florida.

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Reality Steve Says THIS GIRL Will Win!
Credit: Reality Steve    

Well, Steve must think Nikki’s date on Friday, October 25 was pretty amazing, and we tend to agree. Especially since the date consisted of eating BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s, and it looks like it might be one of the first times a Bachelor couple has actually chowed down on a date, rather than looking longingly at it (or each other, we suppose). Regardless of why Steve thinks it, he’s predicting Nikki as the eventual winner.

“Obviously nothing is set in stone because they aren’t even done filming the hometowns, but hell, I’ll take a shot at it,” Steve writes in a recent column. “Obviously I hear a lot of things over the course of filming, whether it be rumors, fact, innuendo, etc. So with that in mind, along with my astute observation skills, here is my prediction of how the final four will play out.”

He thinks Renee, whose hometown date likely filmed yesterday, will be eliminated in the October 30 rose ceremony in Miami. Next to go, he says, will likely be Andi, but that won’t happen until the exotically located penultimate episode. So, with Clare and Nikki as the final two, RS’s money is on Nikki.

And, in fact, Steve continued to support his original choice in his newest column, saying that the final four eliminations played out just as he had suspected, with Nikki and Clare the last ladies standing when the final rose came into play. According to the reality spoiler guru, Nikki does indeed get the rose at the Cap Maison Hotel in St. Lucia. But for the first time in several years, she didn't get a ring to go along with it! Why? Because Juan Pablo doesn't propose, Steve says.

Wow! That's a lot to take in. Are you surprised with how things are said to play out this season? Do you have a different theory for how it all ends? TELL US!

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