The Originals Spoilers: Rebekah Can’t Escape the Strong “Pull of Family”
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Rebekah Can’t Escape the Strong “Pull of Family”

During this week’s episode of The Originals, we almost said goodbye to one of the Mikaelson siblings. No, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) wasn’t stabbed by another mystical dagger. It was actually Rebekah (Claire Holt) who was seen driving away at the end of the episode, fleeing New Orleans after hooking up with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). But luckily — well, unluckily — Rebekah was called back to help her family once again. Will she ever venture out alone?

Just when Rebekah thought she was going to ride off into the sunset, her stupid move of giving Marcel an apple from the Mikaelson’s hideout house brought her right back into the fold. We’re starting to think that Rebekah will never be able to escape her brothers and their crazy antics. Will she ever be riding solo? Oh, Julie...

"Rebekah’s predicament is she honestly believes that everything she wants is outside of the family,” creator Julie Plec told TV Fanatic. “As much as she loves Elijah and as much as she loves and hates and loathes and despises but still loves Klaus, she really believes that ‘if I can just break free of this, I can have all I’ve ever wanted, which is a life that I am in complete control of.’”

But, according to Julie, Rebekah is going to have to wake up from that delusion. “What she’s going to have to come to terms with is the fact that you can’t escape this group,” Julie continues. “No matter what you do, the pull of family is always going to be stronger."

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Source: TV Fanatic

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