Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Will Regina Die? New Photos Hint at Major Deaths
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Will Regina Die? New Photos Hint at Major Deaths

Once Upon a Time has killed off a few characters throughout its three seasons, but none as major as new spoiler photos hint. Are you sitting down, Oncers? Because Regina Mills could be biting the dust.

While this is a highly unlikely scenario given how talented Lana Parrilla is (and the Evil Queen is such a fan favorite), if they’re going for shock value toward the midseason finale, a potentially-dead Regina definitely satisfies that.

In paparazzi photos shot recently — which you can check out over at PopSugar — everyone is seen back in Storybrooke (which we saw a glimpse of earlier this week), but it’s not a happy reunion.

A few particularly alarming photos show Regina lying on the ground, knocked out as Emma (in her signature red coat), Neal, Henry, and Gran watch over her, trying to lift her head. While in one photo she’s seen starting to get up and in another talking to Henry with Emma, there are also quite a few of her on the ground (on either a blue screen or just a blanket) as Henry holds her hand and she looks like she’s knocking on death’s door!

Since we have no idea what order these scenes were shot in, Regina could be perfectly fine or dying. It could honestly go either way with OUAT. In other photos, there is some more crazy action going on. Mr. Gold is seen facing off with Peter Pan — who apparently comes back to Storybrooke with them — and about to stab him, too!

One of the most perplexing photos of the bunch, however, is Mr. Gold stabbing someone in the back as he holds onto him. Could it be Rumplestiltskin’s father, Colin, who comes on for a multi-episode arc starting in Episode 8? Possibly. Hello, daddy issues.

Do you think anyone will die on Once Upon a Time this season? Sound off below!

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