True Blood Spoilers: Rutger Hauer’s Character Helps Sookie “a Little Bit”
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True Blood Spoilers: Rutger Hauer’s Character Helps Sookie “a Little Bit”

Much ado has been made about Rutger Hauer’s addition to the True Blood Season 6 cast. A while ago, reports surfaced he’d be playing Macklyn, “a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason.”

But according to IMDB, Ruger Hauer is listed as playing both Macklyn Warlow and Niall Brigant. The latter character, based off of Charlaine Harris’s The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series, is supposed bo Sookie and Jason’s great-grandfather.

Both figure would figure squarely in the storyline for True Blood Season 6. At the end of Season 5, we discovered Warlow was an ancient vampire responsible for killing Sookie and Jason’s parents, and that Sookie was contractually promised to Warlow by one of the Stackhouse relatives decades ago. With the fairy race in peril, Niall (a venerable fairy himself) also plays a crucial part in helping Sookie cope with her fading light.

In an interview with On the Red Carpet, Rutger addresses the fairy crisis and hints he’ll be doing Sookie more good than harm in True Blood Season 6.

"From what I get is that the fairies are kind of desperate because there's like two and a half of them left," he said. "Sookie is the one who she gives she can, you know, she can have some kids and have a few more fairies, but it's not happening. She's in big trouble. She has to go through a lot of things so but I'm helping her a little bit."

Do you think Rutger’s character will be on the side of good or evil in True Blood Season 6?

Source: On the Red Carpet

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