Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ryan Guzman Teases What’s Next For Aria and Jake
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ryan Guzman Teases What’s Next For Aria and Jake

The most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 4: “Face Time”) was a big one for Jake (Ryan Guzman) and Aria. Aria confided in Jake about her past relationship with Ezra and the two seemed to move past a big obstacle in their relationship (or, at least, recognize that it was there). What does Ryan have to say about the future of Jaria? The PLL actor took to Twitter to answer fan questions and share his insights.

Team Jaria vs. Team Ezria

“I gotta go with team Jake. ;)” Ryan told his Twitter audience, coming decisively down on the side of his character. Team Jaria may not have the numbers to compete with Team Ezria right now, but Ryan seems to think his character deserves a chance.

Can Jake Be Trusted?

On the subject of Jake’s trustworthiness, Ryan said, “so far he has done nothing to suggest otherwise.” We’re guessing this includes episodes Ryan has filmed, but we fans have not yet seen.

Will Aria Ever Get Over Ezra?

Though he may be Team Jaria, Ryan still recognizes the importance of the Ezria relationship. When asked if Aria will ever love Jake like she loved Ezra, Ryan tweeted: “No one can really beat your first love but it can be a different kind of love.” If his character is half as wise, we think Jake might actually stand a chance.

Who is Jake, Really?

We are still getting to know Jake. Right now, he is just Aria’s hot martial arts instructor and understanding date. But who is the man behind the black belt? Ryan gave this description: “He has a very big heart but can be a little protective.” We like the sound of that. With everything Aria has to deal with, that sounds like the perfect combination of qualities.

Are you Team Jaria? Do you think Jake can be trusted? Let us know in the comments below!

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