The Originals Spoilers: Season 1 Promo — Is Hayley the “Werewolf Messiah”? (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Season 1 Promo — Is Hayley the “Werewolf Messiah”? (VIDEO)

The French Quarter is going to hell in the promo for the last five episodes of The Originals Season 1 — and it looks like a hell of a ride. The CW just released its minute-long promo for the end of the season, which picks back up on April 15, with faction intrigue, secret alliance-building, and plenty of blood. Basically, it’s the supernatural version of Game of Thrones. With werewolves.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have you attention please,” Klaus announces to a room full of party guests. Much of the trailer includes footage from what looks like the “traditional feast day” celebration going down in Episode 18. Later, we see Davina dressed in a stunning red dress, carried along in a massive parade.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Klaus and Genevieve seems to be continuing. “One never knows when a powerful witch might come in handy,” Klaus says as he kisses Genevieve. “What do I have to lose?” Genevieve replies, falling into bed with Klaus. Um: your power, your sanity, your life. Or maybe we shouldn’t be so worried about Genevieve. Later in the trailer, she tells Klaus: “It’s you who should be afraid of me.”

Elsewhere, Hayley is still spending a lot of time in the bayou with her new werewolf family — and it’s a lot bigger than the last time we checked. It seems that werewolves are traveling to NOLA to see Hayley. “Maybe they think think you’re going to be the long lost werewolf messiah,” Oliver sarcastically tells Hayley. From his tone, we don’t think he buys into that particular theory — but we totally do! Make that happen, show.

“If I want something, I will take it,” an emotional Elijah tells Klaus, “and heaven help anyone who stands in my way.” He’s totally talking about Hayley here, right? If so, Elijah best remember there is another person’s opinion that matters. Hayley may have the hots for Elijah, but that doesn’t mean she is going to swoon at his feet as soon as he shows any interest.

Klaus isn’t the only one secretly working to undermine Elijah’s peace treaty. Marcel is still making his pitch for the anti-Mikaelson army: “A thousand years of family drama,” Marcel says to Thierry. “Pride. Guilt. Envy. All built up like a powder keg. All you have to do is light a match.” Vampire’s got a point. It may not be the most complex of plans, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Too bad Elijah might be onto him. Later in the promo, we see the Original vamp slam Marcel up against the wall: “Do you not know me?” Elijah demands.

Oh, vamp. Tensions are running so high in the French Quarter. We can’t wait to see this show careen into chaos.

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The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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