Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated in the Season 18 Premiere?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated in the Season 18 Premiere?

The thing about The Bachelor is that no matter how much we want Juan Pablo Galavis to change the rules by picking all 27 girls, he can’t. And that’s rough, because it’s hard enough to get eliminated on national television, without having to also get eliminated by the “sexiest Bachelor ever,” as he’s been called (by everyone with eyes).

In the January 6 premiere, Juan Pablo has to do quite a bit of slashing from his hottie roster, knocking nine girls off the list. While some of the girls who get the boot make a lot of sense, since at least one of them is an emotional wreck in the premiere, others seem like they didn’t get a chance.

Here’s the list of who gets kicked to the curb after just a few minutes of hang time:

Alexis Morgado, 24, Tampa, FL
Amy Jokinen, 31, Los Angeles, CA
Ashley Poe, 25, Denton, TX
Christine Llano, 24, Miami, FL
Kylie Lewis, 23, Rockford, IL
Lacy Faddoul, 25, La Jolla, CA
Lauren Higginson, 25, Edmond, OK
Maggie Gantt, 25, North Augusta, SC
Val Eredia, 26, Sutter, CA

After seeing some of the intro videos for a couple of these ladies, we’re baffled that they didn’t stick around longer (cough, Lacy, cough cough), but we know not everyone can survive the cuts. Meanwhile, Amy Jokinen throws Juan Pablo down on a table in the premiere and then aggressively rubs him. So, buh-bye.

Are you surprised these girls don’t last longer? Share your thoughts below!

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