Pretty Little Liars Spoilers Roundup: Season 4, Episode 4: “Face Time”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers Roundup: Season 4, Episode 4: “Face Time”

We're starting to get into the thick of things with Pretty Little Liars Season 4. What comes next? We've gathered all of the juiciest spoilers about Season 4, Episode 4: "Face Time" (July 2) right here.

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Holbrooke's partner is in town. As the official synopsis explains, "Holbrook’s partner, Lt. Tanner, comes to town, intensifying their investigation into the Liars and their possible connection to Wilden’s death." We get a hint of that in this sneak peek. The new partner is played by Roma Maffia, and she is described as "smart, patient, and with a military background." Director Norman Buckley warns "the town will never be the same" after she rolls in.

Emily panics. Meanwhile, Em’s parents are still under an investigation from Family Services. As the official synopsis puts it, "Emily panics when her parents come under undue scrutiny due to 'A’s' manipulations."

Hanna vs. Caleb. Meanwhile, "Hanna bristles when Caleb tries to help her through this latest crisis, and tries to shift the focus of the police investigation." We see a bit of that here.

More questions from Toby. "Toby finds a new source of information into his mother’s death, but it only leads to more questions." Of course it does. Everything leads to more questions in Rosewood!

More Aria and Jake. There's more Aria and Jake this week, but it looks like her feelings for Ezra are far from gone.

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Catch the episode on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.