Game of Thrones Spoilers: Season 4 Gets Even Crazier!
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoilers: Season 4 Gets Even Crazier!

Game of Thrones Season 4 has been the most eventful season yet of the hit HBO series, with memorable moments including King Joffrey’s death, White Walker baby-making, and the trial of Tyrion Lannister. But the action’s not going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, one of the show’s writers insists the last four episodes are going to be even crazier!

Bryan Cogman, who wrote Episode 4 and 6 this season, spoke to Zap2It about what’s coming up. “Season 4 ... when we were mapping it out we were like, ‘Wow, this is kind of one long huge climactic season,’” Bryan reveals. “There's event after event after event, and it was exhausting to shoot, but I'm very gratified with how it turned out — and it just gets crazier from here on out.’” Crazier?! How could it possibly get any crazier?!

With four episodes remaining, we can’t help but wonder what craziness awaits. We can assume that whatever comes of Tyrion’s trial by combat will be pretty epic. There’s also the impending Wildling invasion of the Wall, that certainly can’t be discounted. Dany’s dragons starting to run wild certainly opens the door to some craziness, as does Sansa and Littlefinger hanging out with psycho Lysa Arryn. And then there’s superpowered Bran. Whatever occurs this season, we’re sure that we will be sufficiently shocked!

Source: Zap2It

05.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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