Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Season 4 Finale Will “Wrap Everything Up,” Says Nia Peeples — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Season 4 Finale Will “Wrap Everything Up,” Says Nia Peeples — Exclusive

It’s hard to believe that Pretty Little Liars will ever wrap things up — especially when you consider how many unanswered questions have amassed over the last four seasons — but Nia Peeples (Pam Fields) promises the Season 4 finale (“A Is For Answers”) will lay some of our biggest questions to rest.

“By the end of this season, everything is wrapped up so that we are clear on some important things,” Nia dished to Wetpaint Entertainment at the launch of Crush by ABC Family in Los Angeles on November 6.

In the first half of Season 4, Pam was put through the ringer. Not only did Emily get her mom suspended from work, but “A” also called child protective services on her! To make matters worse, “A” crashed a car into the Fields’ living room, forcing Emily and her mom to pack up and move into a motel. So will Pam finally catch a break when Season 4 returns?

“She does get a little bit of a break, but honestly, I don’t know what’s happening going on from there as we got picked up for the next season, and we never know what’s happening!” Nia told us. However, she did confirm one thing: the person responsible for the car crash has yet to be revealed. Does this mean Ezra has been working with someone all along?  

“You’ve got be there for the last episode!” she said. “It answers a lot of things that have been hanging, so the last episode of the season answers a lot of those questions and that’s a good thing!”

While the Liars get the answers they’ve been desperately seeking, Pam will remain in the dark. “She doesn’t know anything!” Nia said. “I wish they would tell her something or maybe they’ll figure it out that Pam is A? Wouldn’t that be great?”

Now, that would be a shock!

What do you think, Pretty Little Liars fans? Are you excited for Season 4 to return? What do you think we’ll learn in the finale? Sound off in the comments!

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