Downton Abbey Spoilers: What Happens in the Season 5 Premiere?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Spoilers: What Happens in the Season 5 Premiere?

Downton Abbey’s fifth season kicks off in the U.K. in just a few weeks, which means we’re finally seeing some details emerge over on the show’s IMDb page. It’s really our only main source of semi-reliable information since Downton’s cast and crew are famously buttoned up when it comes to spoilers. Darn you, Julian Fellowes!

So here we are, holed up in a closet-sized room and armed with nothing but yarn, thumb tacks, and our own know-how. (OK, so we’re actually not Russell Crowe from A Beautiful Mind but you get what we’re saying.) Here are the latest gems from the premiere we have to work with; give 'em a gander and then start your own theorizing in the comments below!

  • In the Season 5 premiere there’s a whole crew of Russian refugees. This includes new character Kuragin, as portrayed by Rade Serbedzija. We heard Rade (aka Gregorovitch in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) was joining the cast back in February but we didn’t expect to see his character, a refugee of the 1917 Russian revolution, so soon in the series.
  • We don’t have to wait to see the babies! Little George Crawley (Oliver and Zac Barker) and Sybbie Branson (Fifi Hart) will both star in the premiere.
  • Lady Rose gets a visitor from India! Dad Shrimpie Flintshire (Peter Egan) is on the bill for Season 5’s first episode, though Rose’s irritable mother doesn’t seem to have made the boat.
  • Jimmy’s former boss makes her debut. And remember, Lady Anstruther (Anna Chancellor) might have given Jimmy a few extra benefits when he worked for her.
  • Also look for an art historian to roam the halls of Downton. Simon Bricker (Richard E. Grant) will pop by the premiere.
  • We meet Mabel Lane Fox! That's right. Gilly’s one-time fiancée makes her appearance, as portrayed by Catherine Steadman.
  • No sign of Mrs. O’Brien yet. Despite rumors Siobhan Finneran was all set to reprise her dastardly role, she isn’t listed as making an appearance in Season 5, Episode 1.
  • Mary still hasn’t decided between Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake. Either that, or one of the suitors is awkwardly hanging around since both men are booked for the premiere.

    What do you make of all these clues? Share your predictions in the comments!

    Source: Downton Abbey on IMDb