Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Sharleen Joynt Make It?
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Sharleen Joynt Make It?

Look, no offense to Juan Pablo Galavis’s remaining handful of girls, but we're obsessed with Sharleen Joynt. Yes, seriously, sir. And we're not the only ones. After JPG gave her the First Impression Rose in the Season 18 Premiere, it's been the up and up for JuanSharlo. The girl got a 1-on-1 on Episode 4, has breathed easy through every Rose Ceremony, and even got the group date rose on Episode 6.

Her big deliberation over accepting that first rose was definitely a moment for the annals of Bachelor history, and we can’t help but think about whether she and JPG might someday look back on that and chuckle. Nervously. Especially considering that in New Zealand, she ended the ep with a little ITM confessing that she might want to GTFO sooner than later, threatening to peace out if things don't get better when they travel to Miami.

And we’ll have to just keep imagining her future with JPG, since — according to Reality Steve — Shar won’t be there in the end. But it’s not like all of a sudden, Juan Pablo decides she’s too elegant and self-possessed to fit into his crazy lifestyle.

Sharleen makes it through all the Rose Ceremonies she walks into — and we can’t wait to see her dresses every week. Honestly, though, after Season 18 Episode 3, when we had to watch her horrifying makeout with Juan Pablo on the soccer field, we started wondering if we could make it through all the weeks.

If you hate watching them kiss, we have good news for you. In Week 7, the girls head to Juan Pablo’s Miami hometown, where Sharleen goes yachting with the handsome Bachelor. But while it goes just swimmingly, she finally decides once and for all that she’s gotta bounce. “Once JP was back from his date with Nikki, Sharleen showed up to his hotel room and tells JP she’s not feeling strongly about him so she eliminates herself,” spoiler king Steve wrote back in his November episode-by-episode spoilers.

This info would be shocking if we were talking about any other girl, but it was clear from the first moment we met Sharleen that she didn’t walk into this show with a suitcase full of giggles and whimsy. She has said from the start that their connection feels “forced,” so it sounds like she gave it a chance, decided it wasn’t for her, and left before things went too far.

Are you surprised Sharleen doesn’t end up with Juan Pablo Galavis? Why or why not? Share your feelings about her below!

Source: Reality Steve

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