The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Silas is Immortal Again — But Aging Aggressively
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Silas is Immortal Again — But Aging Aggressively

Apparently, we we weren’t the only ones confused about what happened to Silas (Paul Wesley) after girlfriend Amara stabbed and drained him at the end of last week’s Vampire Diaries episode. Luckily, Zap2it cleared some things up by chatting with TVD executive producer Caroline Dries about Silas’s future — yep, he totally has one — Katherine’s aging, and the side effect of The Cure.

"I feel like people were a little confused by that,” Caroline said. “But remember what happened with Katherine. Silas ingested the cure from her and now she's aging. That's going to happen [to Silas] now that Amara drank the cure. She's now mortal, and he's now immortal but dying," So. To recap, it seems that The Cure worked to make Silas mortal again — but only when it was in his system. Now that Amara has it running through her veins, Silas is back to being immortal, but starting to exhibit the side effect of having had and lost the cure: aggressive aging. Try not to eat too many sandwiches, Silas.

As Silas’s cheery goal in life was to die, you can imagine how he’s taking the news of his returned immortality. Paul had this to say about Silas’s mindset in tonight’s ep: "All he wants to do is die, so he's pissed off and he's going to wreak some havoc. In fact, there's a scene in the next episode which is my favorite scene that I've shot as Silas. It's just really funny, fun, diabolical, and really just well-shot and well-written." Hopefully, it includes some more gruesome knock-knock jokes!

Will Silas be taking any of that rage out on Amara, who stole the cure from his vein? Surprisingly, no. According to Paul: "I think he's going to look for a way to be at peace with Amara.” Sharesies?

Were you as confused by all of this as we were? Who do you think Silas will direct his anger towards in tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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