True Blood Spoilers: Are Sookie, Bill and Eric Still in a Love Triangle?
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Are Sookie, Bill and Eric Still in a Love Triangle?

We still get a bit wistful when we reminisce about the beginnings of True Blood, especially the blossoming romance between Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer). Fast forward to Season 5, and Sookie is now hooking up with Bill’s rival, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), and Bill has transformed into a possible vampire god named Billith. Now, in Season 6, Sookie is hesitantly with Warlow (yes, that Warlow), so is the triangle done for good?

New showrunner Brian Buckner has been taking the show back to its roots, but does that involve the triangle? Lucky for us, he revealed some True Blood Season 6 goodies to Rolling Stone, including the fate of this long-standing threesome.

“I think that it exists — the tension is there, but I would say that these characters have never been further apart, romantically,” Brian revealed. “Bill and Sookie are still the center of the show. That pull is there, but you can't always have people together. But the impasse is really interesting.”

Brian also spilled some details about Bill’s personal turmoil in light of his newfound powers — particularly whether he’ll be able to hold on to his humanity as Billith.

“I think there always has to be hope for him,” Brian explained. “But his arc during the season, in that first episode, he asked Jessica to make sure he doesn't lose it. He will. He does. But he will find his way back, because Bill has to be Bill. But that fight that's going on between the Bill part of Bill and the Lilith part of Bill, she will win for a little while.”

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Source: Rolling Stone