True Blood Spoilers: Do Sookie and Warlow Have a Chance at Love? Rob Kazinsky Says…
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Do Sookie and Warlow Have a Chance at Love? Rob Kazinsky Says…

For any of us True Blood fans who may have been disappointed to find out yet another one of Sookie’s love interests turned out to be a egocentric vampire, there still may be hope for the Ben and Sook. Yes — even though we know he’s Warlow!

Rob Kazinsky, the hunky actor who plays “Benlow,” says there still may be hope for Warlow yet, as he’s not all bad. In an interview with TV Guide, the actor explained the complicated nature of his character.

Warlow is very much a character of grey. He is ruled by his conscience. He means well and has a good heart, but when you take the most powerful vampire that you've ever met and combine him with something loathed, you end up with a very dangerous, self-hating monster,” the British actor revealed.

OK, maybe that doesn’t sound so great, but what he told Sookie wasn’t all lies. In fact, Rob calls them “absolute truths,” going on to say, “Everything he said to Sookie about what they are and how they feel, that's true. He absolutely means it. He has a real genuine fascinating, adoration and love for Sookie.” Get in line, buddy! Rob insists that Warlow is the ostracized, tortured soul he presented himself to under the guise of Ben. Because he is neither truly human, fae, or vampire, he’s an outcast in every sense of the word.

Sookie has her work cut out for her in trusting Warlow, what with that minor detail of him killing her parents and all! And yet, even in that case, Rob insists there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and the truth will come out.

“Over the course of the season, with Niall's help and with Ben's help and Warlow's truths, the truth will come out. It's not the truth that people expect. When people see how that came to pass and why it came to pass, it might take people by surprise,” Rob reveals.

And, despite her rocky past with the Cold Ones and the giant wall she’s built around herself on this season, Sookie still has feelings for Benlow.

Rob explains Sookie’s inner conflict, saying, “She has to battle against that and reconcile what she sees in front of her with the image that she created of Warlow in her mind with all the stories and the death of her parents. Those are two very different creatures, which is what Warlow is: He is two very different creatures trapped in one body. The way she deals with it is more intelligent than perhaps anything she's ever done before.”

There are a lot of intriguing storylines this season, but this one undoubtedly has us on pins and needles. What do you think of Sookie and Ben together? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide