Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Are Stefan and Katherine Still a Possibility?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Are Stefan and Katherine Still a Possibility?

Are we the only ones who are firmly and enthusiastically aboard the Steferine shipper train? We have totally been digging the blossoming romance between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries. Is there any chance these two will become a long-term item?

TVD executive producer Caroline Dries weighed into TVLine about the possibility of Steferine happening — as in, as more than a one-night stand before Katherine full-on dies. Here’s what she had to say: “Romantic make-out in the hospital bed. Maybe. The 100th episode is Katherine on her death bed. She doesn’t have a huge fanbase at the Salvatore house where she is, so Stefan is the person who’s there for her. But when you’re dying, romance isn’t exactly on the front burner.”

Gah! Is Katherine really dying? Say it isn’t so! Caroline confirmed that Katherine did indeed have a heart attack before falling down the Salvatore mansion stairs in the last episode. Unless Katherine finds a way out of her current mortality predicament, it looks like Steferine won’t be happening. This makes us sad.

If Katherine does bite it, is there any chance that single-again Elena might go back to her original Salvatore brother? According to Caroline, “Stefan is a person that [Elena’s] going to lean on for advice and wisdom. She trusts him fully. But the Damon thing is still so tender. There’s still so much that is unresolved about it.” Sounds like the prospect of romance with a Petrova doppelganger for Stefan is looking dismal on both the Elena and Katherine fronts. Will poor Stefan be heartbroken forever?

Are you Team Steferine? Do you think Katherine is going to die in the next episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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