Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Stefan and Katherine Share a “Steamy Shower” Scene in Episode 14
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Stefan and Katherine Share a “Steamy Shower” Scene in Episode 14

One thing you always have to remember about The Vampire Diaries: There will always be a love triangle.

Now that Katherine has become a passenger in Elena’s body — and has proven that she can deliver a pretty awesome imitation of the beloved Mystic Falls resident — she’s been on a mission to get as close to Stefan as humanly (or vampirically) possible.

Katherine is seeing Stefan’s quest to find his now-murderous big bro Damon as a chance to win back the favor of Mr. Hero Hair, volunteering to accompany him on his odyssey in the extended promo for Season 5, Episode 14 (“No Exit”) — and Katherine suggests staying overnight in a hotel in the promo. Bow chica wow wow, indeed!

But will Katherine and Stefan actually hook up? TV Guide teases, “She’s going to come really close in the first episode back when the two take a little road trip that, of course, involves a stop at a motel… and a steamy shower.”

As much as we would love to see Katherine and Stefan get back together (again), we have to admit that this would be majorly awkward since Katherine is in Elena’s body and there’s what whole love triangle between Stelena and Delena. Come to think of it, this would kind of be merging two love triangles — and we’re not sure if we want to know what shape that would be.

Since the teaser says Katherine comes “really close” and we know Stefan is about to get desperate to save Elena, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed the disaster is averted.

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