Glee Spoilers: Sue and Schue Are Back in Season 5, Episode 17
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Glee Spoilers: Sue and Schue Are Back in Season 5, Episode 17

Sadly, we haven't seen Will (Matthew Morrison) or Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) on Glee since Season 5, Episode 13: "New Directions," when Sue shut down the glee club for good. However, the pair will be visiting the rest of the show's characters in NYC in the very near future!

Glee's Season 5, Episode 17: "Opening Night," which airs on April 22, focuses on Rachel preparing for her Broadway debut in Funny Girl. As it turns out, she'll be getting plenty of support for her big night, as both Sue and Schue will be flying in from Lima to see her in the show, according to TV Guide.

What's more, Sue and Schue will also be performing a NYC-themed duet during the episode. Their tune will be a lively song-and-dance number and will even feature them in a cardboard taxi cab. Sounds like they're really getting into the Big Apple spirit!

But how long will the pair be in town for? We still don't know yet if Schue has gotten the job as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, but we're assuming that Sue has to head back to McKinley right away to serve as principal. So we're guessing that they won't stay in NYC for very long, but you never know.

Are you looking forward to seeing these two in NYC? Or have you not really been missing them?

Source: TV Guide