The Originals Spoilers: How Will Thierry’s Death Affect Marcel? (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: How Will Thierry’s Death Affect Marcel? (VIDEO)

How much do we love the idea of a post-episode rehash show of The Originals? A lot given that Steven Krueger (aka Josh) is the one hosting. In the first episode of “Secrets From the Quarter,” Steven grills executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci on the aftermath of Season 1, Episode 18 (“The Big Uneasy”), including how Thierry’s death will affect Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) moving forward.

Elijah ripped Thierry’s heart from his chest in retaliation for Marcel’s attempts to sabotage his peace treaty. How will T’s death affect Marcel? According to Michael: “If anything, he feels like: I won’t let me friend’s death be in vain. I can’t walk away I can’t just let Klaus take from us what was once ours.” So, not abandoning his bid to take back the French Quarter, then? This “heated battle” between Klaus and Marcel is seeming more imminent.

But it’s not just Thierry’s death that has set the French Quarter down a darker path. Marcel’s stunt at the witches’ party and his prophecy/promise that there will be no peace has fueled the unrest already simmering. According to Julie, it’s only going to get worse in next week’s ep: “We saw this week Marcel making a big declaration — there will be no peace — and next week we really see how that is fundamentally true,” she said. “Father Kieran is up in the attic, just completely disintegrating. Cami’s doing everything she can do to help him. There is a terrible attack against the werewolves in the bayou. Hayley and Elijah are caught in the middle of this horrific and very extreme act of violence against the wolves. Things are really starting to get to the point where, not only is peace not achievable, but this town might disintegrate with all of these warring factions.”

Hear that, French Quarter residents? Abandon ship! Cami has such a choice to make as her uncle’s illness worsens: “What we’ve seen so far is Father Kieran playing an instrumental role in the human faction,” Michael said. “Now Cami has kind of come into awareness of what is her family legacy, and she is going to have to make a choice: Does she want to continue that legacy? Does she want to be a part of this? Does she want to protect people? Or should she do what I think a smart person would do and get the hell out?”

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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