Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Toby and Caleb Are “Super-Serious Sleuthers”
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Toby and Caleb Are “Super-Serious Sleuthers”

On the heels of this adorable behind-the-scene Keek of Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) on the Pretty Little Liars set, comes a look at our boys together in character! What are Rosewood’s best boyfriends up to?

“Say this three times, fast: Super-serious sleuthers,” tweeted PLL writer Bryan Holdman, along with the pic that shows Toby and Caleb looking seriously at the computer screen. Toby is in the driver’s seat (isn’t his partner-in-crime the hacker?), whilst Caleb looks on, and all of their brows are totally furrowed. What could they be up to?

Well, we know Caleb and Paige went all rogue last season in an attempt to catch “A” themselves. And, in a way, so did Toby (though he still seemed to be on phase “infiltrate” and less on phase “snatching”). It would be fun to see this storyline carried over into Season 4: the people who care about the Liars continuing their own, separate investigation. Added bonus: if Caleb and Paige knew about Toby’s “A” Team status and they were working together all along. Are you listening, PLL Powers That Be?

What do you think Toby and Caleb are up to? Are you excited to see these two together? Let us know in the comments below!

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