Game of Thrones Spoilers: Tyrion’s Cell Scenes Define the Next Two Episodes
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoilers: Tyrion’s Cell Scenes Define the Next Two Episodes

In Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7 ("Mockingbird"), we were treated to three different Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) scenes in his jail cell where he had desperate one-on-one interactions with three different characters.

Tyrion first met with his brother Jaime, who informed Tyrion that his opponent in the trial by combat would be the Mountain, Gregor Clegane, and that one-handed Jaime would not be able to fight on Tyrion’s behalf. Next, he met with Bronn, who also declined to risk his life against the Mountain, and the two shared an emotional goodbye. Lastly, Tyrion met with Oberyn Martell, who gave an account of when he first met Tyrion as a baby and what a monster Cersei has always been before volunteering to stand against the Mountain for Tyrion. All three scenes were powerful and emotional in different ways, and according to the episode’s director Alik Sakharov, they set the foundation for what’s to come.

“I was pleased with the scenes with Peter Dinklage in his cell,” Alik tells the Hollywood Reporter. “Tyrion realizes he doesn’t have a champion for himself. He cannot fight the Mountain. That scene basically defines the next two episodes. It’s a very big setup. They were simple but they were great. They were performance-based scenes.”

The acting was superb in all three scenes, and those who thought Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men” would be Peter Dinklage’s Emmy submission this year may need to rethink things. As far as the very big setup is concerned, we’re guessing the Oberyn/Mountain battle and its aftermath will be epic, and we’ll have to keep our eyes out for Bronn and Jaime to see how they affect Tyrion’s story moving forward.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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