Twisted Spoilers: Vikram Returns, and Danny Gets Linked to [SPOILER] — Exclusive
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Twisted Spoilers: Vikram Returns, and Danny Gets Linked to [SPOILER] — Exclusive

When we last saw Danny Desai, he was on the run from Chief Masterson, and Twisted’s midseason premiere (Season 1, Episode 12: “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”) will pick up right where we left off. So where did Danny go?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Avan Jogia this past December, and he revealed Danny’s top secret whereabouts. “I might be hiding at Rico’s house,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of Danny and Rico time.” Fans of Danny and Rico’s bromance, rejoice! Hopefully, these two have mastered the art of fist bumping by now.

But Danny won’t be a squatter for very long. He’ll be back at Green Grove High in Episode 13. In fact, the first two episodes of the season bring forth a whirlwind of answers. “It’s a really volatile beginning to the first part of the second cycle,” Avan dished. “The first two episodes are really intense, and there’s a lot of plot that happens.”

And it all starts with Vikram’s return to Green Grove. At the end of Episode 11, Tess called Danny’s thought-to-be-deceased-dad Vikram and told him it was time to come home. And it looks like we can expect Vikram’s arrival in the midseason premiere. “He arrives very early into the season and very quickly, said Avan. “And Danny’s reaction to him is my favorite part of the show. His relationship with his father really develops in the first two episodes.”

It looks like Vikram’s return sheds some light on what really happened to Danny’s aunt and who was responsible for Regina’s murder. But we’re more interested in his connection with Tess. One of the more popular fan theories suggests Danny and Jo might be half-siblings, and we’re starting to think that’s a definitely possibility. Poor Jo. This girl will never get out of the friendzone.

“That’s an interesting idea!” Avan said when we asked him about our hunch. “That’s the thing about this show is that you can do whatever you want. There’s room to do literally anything and there’s a lot of places it could go. Each of the characters is very interesting, and you definitely learn more about them in this second half.”

As for where Danny’s relationship with Jo and Lacey is headed, it sounds like something gets revealed in the first two episodes that will change this trio dynamic for good.

“Danny will jump between Jo and Lacey for a little bit, but something happens in the first two episodes that links Danny to one of the two girls kind of indefinitely, maybe not romantically, but they’re definitely together for a while. They’re in cahoots.”

Sounds intriguing. Perhaps our step-sibling theory isn’t so far-off.

What do you think, Twisted fans: Could Danny and Jo be related? Who do you think really killed Regina? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the midseason premiere of Twisted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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