Big Brother 16 Week 4: Cody HOH; Brittany, Donny on Block; Victoria Won POV, Brittany Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 4: Cody HOH; Brittany, Donny on Block; Victoria Won POV, Brittany Evicted

Joey Van Pelt. Paola Shea. Devin Shepherd. Who will be the fourth Houseguest evicted from Big Brother 16? We’ll find out soon! (Update: It's Brittany Martinez. Read more updates below.)

Big Brother 16 Week 4: Cody HOH; Brittany, Donny on Block; Victoria Won POV, Brittany Evicted
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The Week 4 Head of Household competition — called “Deviled Eggs” — started on the Thursday, July 17 live show, forcing the eligible (not Derrick Levasseur) BB16 HGs into these teams:

• Victoria Rafaeli & Christine Brecht

• Caleb Reynolds & Nicole Franzel

• Brittany Martinez & Jocasta Odom

• Amber Borzotra & Zach Rance

• Donny Thompson & Hayden Voss

• Cody Calafiore & Frankie Grande

(Openly rooted for Donny & Hayden. Sorry not sorry.)

While that egg battle was going on, Julie Chen revealed that the next Team America mission is to push to get a physical threat on the block. (The other option was to put up a floater.) So that’s the next task for Frankie, Donny, and Derrick. Can they get it done? What do you think of the Team America “missions” so far? Is this one fair, or too influential on the vote? If it gets Caleb back on the block, no harm no foul? (What if it puts hot stripper Cody on the block - different story?)

The competition continued past Thursday's live show, and was only resolved around 10:30 p.m. ET. Ultimately, Frankie and Cody were named the new HOHs. That's the second Head of Household win for Frankie, although he was dethroned by Caleb in Week 1. But will the HGs get to see Frankie's sister "Ari" now? Will that out Ariana Grande as his sister? If so, will that hurt Frankie's game?

In terms of nominations, on Thursday night, Zach talked to Frankie about nominees, saying Victoria was an obvious choice (for him, anyway), plus Jocasta and Amber. (All women, you note.) But what about the fourth? Frankie said he had a thought, but wasn't going to say. He said it's not good, but it may be best. So Frankie is keeping his plan quiet, for now, but maybe Caleb? Or Donny? Cody was pretty vocal about wanting Caleb out last week, thanks to his awkward "love" triangle with Amber, but Cody stuck with the plan to evict Devin, so Cody may stick with Caleb. We'll have to see where his head is at for his own nominations.

Stay tuned for updates on the four nominees, the Battle of the Block results, the official HOH, the POV competition, and the final nominees.

Who do you want to see leave this week? Caleb? Victoria? Other?


UPDATE 1: Late Thursday night, early Friday morning, Team America decided Amber was a decent enough physical threat to meet the "mission" requirement, since they're basically desperate to fill the block with as many women as possible. Frankie seems to be letting Derrick and Zach in on the plans with Cody, and at this point it looks like the four nominees might be Amber, Victoria, Brittany and Jocasta. They don't even have any good backdoor plans at this point — they seem to want to target Jocasta or Brittany, or maybe backdoor Donny, which is just cruel — and they have to know they're blowing off Team America's "physical threat" request by going with Amber instead of someone like Caleb. If we wanted Floater Week we would've voted for it!

UPDATE 2: It's official: During Friday's nomination ceremony, Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria, and Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta. Now we have to wait for The Battle of the Block results.

UPDATE 3: Amber and Jocasta won Friday's Battle of the Block, so Frankie has been dethroned. Cody is now the official HOH. Brittany and Victoria are the nominees, with Brittany as the target. If she wins POV, they may backdoor Donny, since he's the strongest player in the non-bro alliance. (Technically the new five-person alliance is called The Detonators, and includes The Bomb Squad, minus Caleb, Amber and Devin.) UGH. This week already sucks. But Donny is the POV king, so maybe he'll pull out another POV win and ... do what? Keep the nominations the same? The POV comp will be held later on Saturday, so stay tuned...

UPDATE 4: In your wildest imaginings, did you ever expect Victoria to win POV? Well, she did! As she reminded everyone, she's now been on the block twice and saved herself both times. (The first time was with Brittany.) Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Zach, Caleb and Nicole were the POV players, so Donny didn't even get a shot to continue his reign as POV King. What happens now that Victoria has won? You have to assume she'll take herself off the block, but will HOH Cody then replace her with Donny? Most likely. Either way, Brittany is probably going home. But it would be a triumph worthy of the bards if they could get Caleb on the block for a good backdoor move. It'll never happen, but ... one can dream. LOL @ Victoria beating "beast mode cowboy" Caleb in a challenge, by the way, even if he passed up the Veto in favor of money. He's the one always talking about beast mode and loyalty, but not when it counts. Not that Cody will do anything about it. On that note, though, apparently there were prizes and punishments to go along with the POV comp. Zach got a trip to Germany and Caleb got $5,000, but life was less kind to the losing ladies. Brittany can't come inside for 24 hours and has to hit 2,400 goals in 24 hours (this is just not poor Brit's week) and Nicole has to wear a unitard. First a frog suit, now a unitard. Oh, but HOH Cody also has to kick himself in the butt every time a whistle blows. That's pretty funny. Brittany has been in pain from her kicking punishment, and Donny and Jocasta have tried to boost her spirits. She's hoping there's a big twist at the end of it, so she's not kicking all those balls for nothing.

UPDATE 5: The POV ceremony should be later today (Monday, July 21), and Cody will make his nomination. He still seems to be going for Donny, but - once again - Caleb volunteered to go on the block himself. Repeat: Caleb volunteered to park his beast mode cowboy butt next to Brittany because he figured she'd be going home anyway. Perfect blindside opportunity ... and it's not going to happen. No one has the guts. Derrick decided it was a bad idea and pushed for Donny to go up instead. Derrick is essentially running the show now. Zach was apparently bored so he started talking some truth. He suggested Cody put up Caleb up instead of Donny. He really pushed HARD for Caleb to leave, bless his heart. The Detonators now think he's crazy, but Zach for Everything. When that didn't seem to work, Zach suggested Cody put Zach himself on the block, just so Zach could make a big scene. Cody seems to be sticking with his plan to put Donny up, but at least Zach tried to think for himself for a minute there. The toughest thing in this game is to get people to be bold enough to think outside the pack mentality.

UPDATE 6: Coward. After some last minute scrambling on Monday, and the announcement that he would actually put Caleb on the block instead of Donny, Cody went ahead and named Donny the replacement nominee. Weak. Cody is not playing his own game. He's letting Derrick run his life. So now it's Donny or Britanny going home, with the target still being Brittany.

UPDATE 7: Sadly, it was just revealed that Frankie and Ariana Grande's grandfather passed away on July 22. Frankie was informed on July 23, through a letter from his family. The HGs tried to comfort Frankie, but it's a tough time.

UPDATE 8: Another unanimous eviction: Brittany was sent home 10-0 over Donny.

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